10 Cars Least Likely to Get a Speeding Ticket

Updated May 26, 2018

It’s no fun getting speeding tickets, so what should you do if you want to reduce your chances of getting one? The obvious answer is not to speed in the first place, but that’s no fun either and sometimes you just have to get where you’re going a little faster than the speed limit allows. Thankfully, the vehicle you’re driving could reduce the chances of you getting a ticket, but only if you choose the right one.

You can find out which models are best at avoiding tickets by checking out this 2016 list compiled by the folks at the Insurance .com website, who have conducted a survey that shows which ten models attract the least amount of speeding tickets. The survey looked at 323,349 motorists’ online quote information from between January 1, 2014 and February 1, 2016 to see what percentage of each vehicle model quoted for had the least and most speeding tickets. The final rankings only considered models where more than 250 quotes were created for so that a significant sample size was used.

If you’re thinking the top-ten vehicles least likely to get a speeding ticket will be made up entirely of minivans and family shoppers though, you’re going to be in for a few surprises. Although you’re going to be disappointed if you’re hoping to find cars like a Bugatti Veyron or Mitsubishi Evolution 10 on the list, there are a few that you might have expected to be on the list of most likely models to be ticketed.

Here we are then, the 2016 list of the top-ten cars you are least likely to get a speeding ticket in, and what percentage of them had a moving violation in their requested quotes:


Buick Encore – 3%

The Buick Encore tops the list as the model with the least amount of speeding tickets, which shouldn’t be too much of a shock to most observers. The subcompact crossover is no sports car, but it’s a lot more fun and appealing than you might expect for the top model on this list.

Buick Encore


Lexus IS 350 – 3%

The Lexus IS 350 is a sport sedan that’s got somewhat sportier as the years have gone by. It’s never been a model that houses something like a throbbing V-8 under the hood, but the luxury manufacturer has always had a lot of skills when it comes to getting a lot of performance out of relatively small displacement units.

IS 350


Acura ILX – 6%

The Acura ILX may not be as overtly sporty as the IS 350, but this executive compact sedan still looks as though it has some speedy intentions in its heart. If you were expecting mundane and sedate to dominate this list, the ILX is anything but.

Acura ILX


Cadillac ATS – 6%

It’s hard to believe too many people would have picked the Cadillac ATS as a model unlikely to get speeding tickets, especially when you look at some of its engine options. Modern Caddys are also distinctive, eye-catching designs and the ATS is no exception.

Cadillac ATS


Chevrolet Express – 8%

Now we’re talking. The Chevy Express is exactly the kind of vehicle you’d expect to avoid speeding tickets, although it’s still hard to grasp how it gets more than something like a Lexus IS 350. The Express is probably what most people that don’t drive minivans think of when they hear the word minivan, which is a bit unfair when you look at some more stylish current models on offer these days.

Chevrolet Express


Cadillac Escalade – 8%

The Escalade has some pretty beefy engines to offer, but they also have an awful lot of work to do to push this seriously heavy SUV along the road. This is a model that’s all about luxury and creating an impression, which is probably why it doesn’t tend to get ticketed too often.

Cadillac Escalade


GMC Savana – 9%

The Savanna is quite simply a GMC badged identical twin to the Chevrolet Express, which is probably the most interesting thing to say about it.

GMC Savana


Audi A3 – 9%

The Audi A3 can be all sorts of different things to all sorts of different people depending on the model and configuration. It can be a fairly ordinary but high-quality small family shopper, but it can also be a bit of a hooligan at the sportier end of the model lineup.

Audi A3


BMW 320i – 10%

You can bet there are plenty of speeding tickets flying around for 3 Series models higher up the range. However, the 320i is the entry-level model in the 3 Series family so it’s probably understandable that it’s not a model attracting too many tickets.

BMW 320i


Land Rover Range Rover – 11%

Don’t be fooled by the sumptuous British luxury and unrivalled off-road credentials of the Range Rover. The 5.0-liter supercharged V-8 can make this super-luxurious full-size SUV go like a rocket, so it’s not one of the first vehicles you’d think of buying to avoid getting noticed by the highway patrol. Despite its potential for naughtiness, the Range Rover squeezes onto the list in tenth place.

Range Rover





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