10 Cars That Break Conventional Seating Rules

Updated March 9, 2017

We often get used to conventional seating configurations in cars and forget that there are cars out there with deliberately weird seating arrangements. Here are ten cars with the strangest seat options.

  1. BAC Mono


The name says it all. It’s a Mono, meaning it can only seat one person. Yes, you only get one seat in a BAC Mono, and that’s the driver’s seat. There are no lifts and rides in this one, so your friends better be driving their own cars.

2. Caparo T1


The Caparo T1 has the look and feel of a race car completed with an open roof and Formula 1 design. However, it is not great for keeping company. Just like the Mono, it can only seat one person; the driver.


  1. Geely GE


To the Chinese, the Geely GE is what Rolls Royce is to the Western world. It is technically a three-seater, but the funny part is that the passenger sits alone in the back. It has two front seats and one back seat. It is a luxurious car, except for the loneliness at the back.


  1. Matra Murena


Sports cars are known to have either two or even four seats. Rarely do you come across a nice sports car with three seats like the Matra Murena. This car has what looks like a bench, but it’s actually three seats set in a row at the front.


  1. McLaren F1


Similar to BAC Mono, McLaren F1 has a single seat for the driver set in the middle. However, this one allows you to bring two friends along, but they can only seat on either side of the driver. The two passenger seats are placed behind the driver’s seat.


  1. Renault Twizy


Due to its size, shape and design, Renault Twizy can easily be mistaken for a small one seat car. However, at close inspection you’ll notice that the Twizy has a small passenger seat just behind the driver. The seat looks small, but can actually fit a person of average size quite comfortably.


  1. Stout Scarab


The Stout Scarab is known for many design-related reasons, but what makes it quite interesting is the fact that its second row seats can swivel around, allowing passengers in the two rows behind to face each other and possibly play a game of cards. It even comes with a datable table.


  1. Subaru Brat


The Subaru Brat was a foreign built pickup truck that somehow found its way into the US despite the notorious “chicken tax” laws. One interesting fact about the Subaru Brat is its rear facing seats placed in the back of the truck.


  1. Tramonatana XTR


The Tramonatana XTR looks like a racing car and a perfect ride to the race track. However, if you are bringing a friend along, he will have to sit snugly behind you. The car has two seats, with the passenger seat placed directly behind the driver.


  1. Volvo XC90 Excellence


The Volvo XC90 Excellence has performed well for the Volvo brand, primarily because of the car’s luxurious interior that provides, among other things, extra leg room and stretching space. This luxury is made possible by the fact that the car does not have a front passenger seat.




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