10 Discontinued SUVs Everyone Wants to See Back

Classic SUV Models That Need Resurrecting!

Updated October 29, 2018

Reuters and other sources have suggested that Ford sees US car market’s future stacked with SUVs. According to them, SUVs will amount to 40 percent of the entire market by 2020, and they see it as perfect opportunity to expand their SUV portfolio. Of course, first thing that comes to mind when crossing Blue Oval and SUV is the good old Ford Bronco. Will this finally happen, remains to be seen. But it doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together and figure out this is probably the prime time to do so. But, more on that further below.

Classic SUV Models That Need Resurrecting - Bronco

This list is all about discontinued SUVs which are sorely missed. We will bring you 10 we think current market or that in the near future would immediately benefit from. Some of them have been gone for quite some time, while some have been discontinued quite recently, actually. In both instances, we would certainly love to see them make a comeback. How are your thoughts on the matter?


Let us start with one of the more obvious choices. H1, H2, H3. It doesn’t really matter. All three generations of the Hummer were highly sturdy and capable, and more or less intertwined. One didn’t simply end for another to take swing. This is one of the reasons the Hummer was so special. But everyone that knows about these cumbersome beasts, also knows that they used to offer much more than simply special. Plus, since global recession is more or less behind us, there are no more genuine reasons for them not to be produced.

Classic SUV Models That Need Resurrecting - Hummer

Mitsubishi Pajero

Current Mitsubishi SUV lineup is nowhere near that from 10 or 20 years ago. They are heading in green direction at least – I’ll give them that. Still, Mitsubishi Pajero (badged as Montero in the states) is still regarded as one of the best vehicles Japanese manufacturer has managed to assemble. Of course, the Montero had been gone from the US for a full decade now, but we haven’t forgotten it. Have you?

Classic SUV Models That Need Resurrecting - Mitsubishi Montero Pajero

Land Rover Defender

It’s unrealistic to expect Land Rover returning to their roots with the Defender, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t like that. It wasn’t that long they discontinued it, but let’s face it – newer models weren’t the true Defenders for years now anyway. Their current lineup of SUVs is highly capable and correspondingly luxurious, and there’s simply no place for a bare-bone SUV of old. But, imagine if they actually made one. Of course, it would have been stacked with all the necessary tech, but it wouldn’t have to be as plush as the others. That would help lowering the cost one has to pay in order to drive a Landy. It’s a win win situation in my book.

Classic SUV Models That Need Resurrecting - Land Rover Defender

Nissan Xterra

It’s only been a year without the Nissan Xterra in the markets, but people looking for extreme sturdiness are already missing that SUV. Most of its current or former owners will attest to its indestructibility and capability alike. Xterra, however, was simply outdated in 2015 when it finally got the axe. It’s not the only Nissan’s vehicle to suffer the same negligence, but while Frontier and Titan continue, the SUV is now gone. Given the fact SUV craze is still in its full swing (or yet to take the full swing), we wouldn’t be surprised to see it return.

Classic SUV Models That Need Resurrecting - Nissan-Xterra

Jeep Wagoneer

Jeep Wagoneer rumors aren’t that scarce or strange. They have been circulating for a while now, and they make sense. Jeep still lacks the true flagship three-row SUV, and new Wagoneer would be the perfect choice to fill that slot. Of course, it would probably look much different than we remember it, but the nameplate is what matters. That and exterior wooden panels. Of course, the latter has very slim chance of returning, but it’s our right to dream, isn’t it?

Classic SUV Models That Need Resurrecting - 1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Willys Jeep CJ

It’s been a while since this one was discontinued, but it’s impossible to forget an icon. And Willys Jeep certainly was one. 42 year long stint of production between 1944 and 1986 only bolsters that statement. Of course, it’s impossible to expect the old school bare-boned SUV in modern era where safety regulations play such an important role. Still, if Wrangler manages, why wouldn’t one slightly rougher version do the same? Moreover, there’s some empty space in Jeep’s portfolio since Patriot and Compass have been scheduled for discontinuation.

Classic SUV Models That Need Resurrecting - willys jeep

Chevrolet Blazer

Also known as GMC Jimmy, Chevy Blazer is one of the best known US-made SUVs to date. Sadly, it hasn’t been around for quite some time. Of course, we now have Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon, but second generation Blazer which lasted for almost 20 years is still sorely missed. The Blazer simply had that X factor which its successors lack. It’s similar with Blue Oval’s Bronco and Expedition comparison.

Classic SUV Models That Need Resurrecting - Chevrolet-Blazer

Toyota FJ Cruiser

Yet again a car which was axed not so long ago. Toyota FJ cruiser retired in 2014 (2016 overseas), and left Wrangler as the only rugged, old school off-road SUV on the US market. Toyota still sells Land Cruisers, but they simply can’t be compared with the compact FJ Cruiser. The FJ had that something. Maybe it were the circular headlamps, or the overall boxy appearance, but I wish it was still here.

Classic SUV Models That Need Resurrecting - fj cruiser

GMC Typhoon

GMC Typhoon was always different than the rest of SUVs marketed at the time. Two year long production and less than 5,000 units produced wasn’t exactly the lifespan you’d wish to a car, but the Typhoon was actually meant to be limited. It was a performer, and performance-oriented SUVs weren’t really a thing back in early nineties. They are becoming that now, and GMC has something to think about. It’s an expensive process introducing a new SUV to the market – especially performance-oriented one – but at least they have the name standing ready.

Classic SUV Models That Need Resurrecting - gmc-typhoon-06


Considering all the fuss surrounding it, Bronco is arguably the most wanted comeback vehicle out there. Expedition is nice and tough, but the Bronco nameplate has some backbone to it that rarely any other SUV nameplate has. Ford doesn’t have to sell it in white if that’s their problem with the car, but showing some love would be appreciated by everyone – especially by buyers. Come to think of it, white OJ Edition wouldn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Just saying. Update: Since this article was created, ford has announced the return of the bronco

Classic SUV Models That Need Resurrecting - 1990 Ford Bronco


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