10 Features of a Luxury Car

Updated December 5, 2014

When you are very young you learn quickly that life is really all about the toys. This lesson proves equally true when it comes to buying a brand new car. Now, just because the economy is bad doesn’t mean you should make do without the bells and whistles that make driving a slightly more pleasant experience. Look at these features as investments in traffic jam mental stability! Beyond a brand’s image, what features will make your commutes pleasurable drives and road trips feel all the more opulent and luxurious? These eight features will not only make your life easier behind the wheel, but they will also make you feel better. And that is an automotive virtue that is truly priceless.

In-Dash Navigation- Don’t believe what anyone tells you. Aftermarket navigation units are less reliable and the power cords running across your dashboard are the ultimate in tacky. Also, in-dash navigation units always give you an investment return come resale.

Premium Audio System- Always opt for the most speakers, highest wattage and get a large subwoofer if possible. You are going to want this for your road trips.

Leather Seats- Cloth is a luxury car no-no. Apologies to cows.

Hands-Free Bluetooth- If it takes more than five minutes to set up your new car’s Bluetooth system it is probably outdated. And therefore not a luxury.

USB/iPod Integration- Again, no USB and you will regret it. It’s the equivalent of buying a new car with an Eight Track player.

Back- Up Camera-Not only will it keep you from backing over your kids it will also keep your shiny new car dent free at the supermarket. Those parking lots are murder.

Adjustable Suspension- They usually come in soft, normal and sport modes and can transform the feel of a car or SUV. Or it just means the engineers couldn’t pick one good setting. Test this feature before springing for the option.

Blind-Spot Warning System- Never having to check your blind spot over your shoulder is the ultimate in American laziness. But these systems seriously work.

Collision Mitigation- Many systems like the one Volvo uses can stop your car for you if it detects an object or pedestrian impact is eminent.

Voice Activation- Who wants to move your arms from the steering wheel to manipulate a control? How very last century.



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