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10 Modded Vehicles Santa Should Replace His Outdated Sleigh With

Updated December 23, 2017

Listen, Santa, we need to talk about how you’re getting around these days because you need an update. The reindeer and sleigh are classic for their imagery but you’ve been using them forever. We think it’s time that you take some of these modded renders from Carwow into consideration for your 2017 deliveries.

The Space Flight Capable BMW i8

Sooner or later, there are going to be more than a handful of people living on a space station at a time. You’ll need a way to get up there and get the astronauts the cool gadgets they asked for. Its hybrid power train may need to be reworked to allow anti-gravity travel but this is a viable option. We’re not sure you’ll need to go to the moon just yet but isn’t it nice to have options?

The Jaguar E-Type For The Countryside

Don’t worry about the storage space, we’re sure you can work the same magic as you do with the sleigh. This choice is all about getting around with speedy comfort as well as style. Even if the children wake up and see you, they’ll be so smitten with the car that your secret will still be safe.

Tear Up Muddy Terrain In The Audi UR Quattro S1

We’re not sure who your dry cleaner is to be able to get chimney soot out of your suit year after year. Why not save yourself the cleaning bill by taking a transport that can bog through rough and muddy terrain instead? This beefed up off road monster has lots of space for goodies and isn’t likely to get stuck anywhere.

Track And Ski Fitted Shelby Cobra

Why dash through the snow in a one horse open sleigh when you can have a whole lot more fun along the way? Have some lightweight fun across wide open snowy fields in a Shelby Cobra refitted with tracks and skis. It has some of the same features you’re used to while being a completely capable cruiser. Added bonus: with no top on, you can feel the wind rushing through your beard, as long as you don’t lose your cap.

Rip Across Plains And Grasslands In A Wrangler

Plains and grasslands may seem like easy terrain to cross when you’re looking to make quick deliveries. However, because they can present their own difficulties, you’ll want a capable off road vehicle. The base model Wrangler is good and all but you do things fast so you may appreciate the added horsepower. That said, we hope you have a few elves along as spotters since the engine blocks line of sight.

Make Riverside Deliveries In A Refitted Ferrari F40

Most of the people across the planet live close to coastlines and rivers as well as lakes. Knowing that, it just makes sense to have a way to get deliveries to them by sea. A Ferrari F40 refitted as a capable river runner gives the speed and style we’d love to see the sleigh replaced with.

Oceanside Drop Offs In A GT40 Sea Cruiser

Keeping with the same theme and offering another option, the GT40 Sea Cruiser is also great for sea deliveries. Three quarters of the mega cities on the planet are pushed right up against an ocean so this only makes sense. To reach the people that live a little further into the city from the immediate coast, read on.

Take On Huge Cities In The GT-R R34

Whether it’s Tokyo or New York, cities with sprawling highways seem like the ideal home for the GT-R. The power and speed, as well as sharp styling, of Godzilla will make short work of the big city. There’s no reason to try navigating a train of 8 or 9 reindeer through a metropolis with this option.

Dash Through The Desert In A Huracan Dune Buggy

There’s no reason why the desert should stop Santa from having fun along the gift giving route. That’s why this Lamborghini Huracan has been refitted as a super capable dune buggy. The Urus SUV is still a ways off from production but this seems like the more fun option anyways.

Rip Through The Mountains In A Tracked Porsche 959

Sure it was originally meant to be a rally car and then went on to win Paris-Dakar in 1986, that doesn’t mean it’s day is over. With a set of triangular caterpillar treads and a roof rack, the 959 is ready to tackle the mountains. Complete with push bars and a front mounted winch, you may even help stuck travelers who need a Christmas miracle. It even comes complete with a roof mounted gift cannon if you’re feeling up to trick shots.

So there it is, Santa, a list of ten viable options that could see the future of gift deliveries getting much more modern. There’s no reason to stick by tradition when there are much more fun and stylish ways to get around. We look forward to hearing back from you about which of these options you choose for the 2017 season and beyond!



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