10 of the Best Ducati Motorcycles

Updated December 5, 2014

Ducati are luxurious, and very expensive, motorcycles that are equally well known for their performance and racing ability. Ducati is not the most well known manufacturer of motorcycles in the United States, but their reputation world wide and in racing circles would rival any American manufacturer. A list of the top Ducati’s would be incomplete without a nod to the original.

The Ducati Cucciolo is the original Ducati Motorcycle. It would not be considered much of a motorcycle today, offering a mere 49cc, but in 1946, it was a reliable and cheap mode of transportation. The gas mileage was a plus at 225 miles per gallon and the motor was unique with four cylinders. The initial version of the motorcycle was a kit to attach a motor to a regular bicycle. By 1950, this motorcycle was beating speed records. This was the beginning of the Ducati dynasty.

The 1965 350cc Sebring was a successful attempt to bring the 350cc size racing engine to the regular consumer. In the 1960’s, this size engine was reserved for racing. This motorcycle was named for the Sebring Race.1965 350cc Sebring

The 450cc Mark 3D upped the stakes in 1969 by adding a 450 cc engine and their now famous Desmodromic valve system to the Ducati Mark 3D. This motorcycle also used the classic four stroke single engine that is a trademark of the Ducati brand.

The 750 Imola Desmo is a milestone is Dugati history. This motorcycle is best known for completely blowing all competition out of the water at the 1972 00 mile Imola race. The motorcycle was a five speed 750 cc four stroke motor that was unique for the time. On the final lap of the race, there was a dead heat between two of the Desmo riders that was only broken when one ran out of fuel. This motorcycle set way for the Dugati racing domination.

The Pantha, first produced in 1979, was available in up to 500cc. Even with the leap in ccs, this model was cheaper because it relied on a belt driven engine system.

The Ducati 851, first sold in 1987, had a twin 850cc engine. It was a predecessor to the superbike series of motorcycles that Ducati is most famous for. Over the years that the 851 was available, Ducati tweaked it to add more cc’s, better hardware and increased speed.

The Monster 1100 S is a currently available model of Ducati motorcycles. This is a gorgeous motorcycle in the line of the current Ducati naked motorcycles that boosts an incredible1100 cc 6 speed motor. It has a number of features that make this motorcycle stand out in the crowd such as the use of carbon fiber accents, dual exhaust and led taillights.

The Desmodedici GP10 is the current powerhouse racing motorcycle for the Ducati line. The most significant difference of the GP10 over other GPs is that the motor was changed from a 900 cc to an 800 cc. This is not street legal and is available only for racers.

The street legal version of this motorcycle is the Desmodedici RR, which still boosts the 900cc base engine. Both are excellent motorcycles with very different audiences. The recent superbike is also a contender for the title of top Ducati.

The 1198 R Course Special Edition is a powerhouse of a motorcycle that is pretty much exclusively for racing. With a massive 1198 cc engine, this street legal motorcycle is only for the very experienced drivers.

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