10 States With the Least Number of Cars Per Capita

Which States Have The Least Amount Of Cars Per Capita?

Updated October 2, 2018

Have you ever wondered how many vehicles there are in the United State? As of 2015 there were 257.9 million cars and light trucks.

Have you ever wondered how that would break down per state?

One thing’s for sure. The streets would be more clogged in states in this category than in states with the most vehicles per capita.

Least Cars Per Capita 1

What follows is a break down of the 10 States With the Least Number of Cars Per Capita (or per 1,000 people).


1) Colorado  340

Least Cars Per Capita - Colorado


2) Nevada  500

Least Cars Per Capita - Nevada


3) New York  570

Least Cars Per Capita - New York


4) Indiana  610

Least Cars Per Capita - Indiana


5) Arizona 660

Least Cars Per Capita - Arizona


6) North Carolina 670

Least Cars Per Capita - North Carolina


7) Mississippi 680

Least Cars Per Capita - Mississippi


8) New Jersey 690

Least Cars Per Capita - New Jersey


9) Arkansas 700

Least Cars Per Capita - Arkansas


10) Florida  690

Least Cars Per Capita - Florida




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