10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Bugatti Chiron

Here Are 10 Awesome Bugatti Chiron Facts!

Updated October 31, 2018

It was about time for the Bugatti Veyron to get a successor. All hail the Bugatti Chiron – new hypercar to sit atop the throne of the performance cars pantheon. Since all those “long live the king” formalities are now taken care of, let’s discuss what we know about the next ultimate supercar by now. For starters, Chiron is an all-wheel drive, 1,500-horsepower, and 1180 lb-ft of torque beast. That kind of output is possible thanks to the 8.0L quad-turbo W16 powerplant. Sheer numbers suggest Bugatti Chiron will have epic acceleration and corresponding top speed. In fact, top speed has already been disclosed. Volkswagen-owned French hypercar will be able to top 261 mph. It’ll cost around $2.6 million and will be limited to 500 copies, half of which have already been reserved. Let us now move to some of the less known facts about Chiron.

10. The Chiron was tested thoroughly

And that’s an understatement. Bugatti left no stone unturned and have taken no chances with their most important new family member. There are no less than 30 pre-series test Chirons which is quite a number given the fact real deal will be limited to 500 models. Every single one of them has completed a gruesome 37 miles of rolling road testing in Molsheim, additional 217 miles on actual roads, and more high-speed and acceleration testing at the Colmar airport. After that, they’ve all been released into the wild for more real world testing and they’re the mules we’ve been able to see these past few months (if lucky enough). Overall, the pack has logged a total of some 300,000 miles and eaten away through no less than 1,000 tires.

Bugatti Chiron Facts - chiron

9. The Chiron’s carbon fibers laid out end to end would wrap around the Earth more than 86 times

It’s not a joke. At least if Bugatti’s press release is to be trusted (and why wouldn’t it be). Apart from being able to wrap up this lovely rock upon which we’re enjoying all automotive related things, Chiron’s carbon fibers would be able to stretch from Earth to the Moon. Nine times! Moreover, Chiron’s monocoque carbon fiber body is quite rigid. 50,000 Nm per degree torsional rigidity rigid, to be more precise. That’s around three times more the value of traditional steel cars.

Bugatti Chiron Facts - Front

8. The Chiron’s exhaust gas treatment system uses the total active surface of 43 football fields

All that power requires one above-standard exhaust gas treatment system. Bugatti Chiron uses six converters whose total active surface is 2,478,563 square feet or 230,266 square meters. Yep, that’s enough to engulf all 32 NFL team’s fields and 11 random college ones. You choose which ones.

Bugatti Chiron Facts - bugatti-chiron-exhaust-system

7. Aerodynamics, aerodynamics and more aerodynamics

One look upon the Bugatti Chiron and even someone most oblivious of technological car advancements will figure out that this hypercar is something special. It’s body is especially designed with airflow in mind. It has three air intakes on both sides, unique front splitter and rear diffuser, and reduced effective drag area around the wheels. Chiron also boasts state of the art active aerodynamics – courtesy of its adaptive rear wing. It has four active positions depending of what’s required from the car.

Bugatti Chiron Facts - bugatti-chiron-airflow

6. The Bugatti Chiron engine devours air from all sides

We’ve already mentioned its air intakes and powerful powertrain. One doesn’t have to be a genius in order to figure out Chiron requires quite a lot of air for cooling. In fact, it needs 2,118 cubic feet or 60,000 liters of air every minute. That’s equivalent of half the volume of a 53-foot semi-trailer or equivalent of what an average person breathes in five days.

Bugatti Chiron Facts - Air system

5. The Chiron’s coolant pumps do the same thing with liquid

Just like quad-turbo W16 beast needs a lot of air for cooling and turbo purposes, Chiron’s coolant pump requires a lot of liquid. It circulates no less than 211 gallons or 800 liters of water per minute. Of course, Chiron doesn’t accumulate all that water within itself. It has two separate circuits – one for the engine and one for turbocharger intercoolers. The engine’s circuit alone holds 9.8 gallons of coolant which passes through the system on a three-second basis. Intercoolers, on the other hand are cooled by 3.2 gallons of liquid.

Bugatti Chiron Facts - Cooling

4. Larger turbos for bigger power output

Although the Veyron featured the same amount of turbos, the Chiron’s units are 69% bigger than it was the case with its predecessor. Apart from the obvious rise in horsepower, this brings more turbo lag to the table as well. This is why the Chiron’s turbos work in a dual stage pattern. First duo of turbos engage at 1,900 rpm, while the other pair only works at 3,800 rpm and higher. That eliminates most of the turbo lag.

Bugatti Chiron Facts - Bugatti Chiron Engine Turbo System

3. The Bugatti Chiron boasts 1.5 Gs of lateral acceleration

We already know Chiron’s 0 to 60 time will be impressive. Although the exact figures aren’t yet disclosed, sub 2.5 second range is what we’re betting on. 1.5 Gs only confirm our suspicions. As if the sheer power output wasn’t enough to make us believe that. Furthermore, Chiron comes with huge 20-inch (285/30) front and 21-inch (355/25) rear bespoke Michelin tires. These tires will play a major role in achieving this incredible acceleration figure thanks to their grip and larger contact patch. Moreover, they allow for larger brakes. Chiron’s carbon-ceramic brake rotors measure 16.5 inches up front and 15.7 inches around the back. Front calipers have eight pistons while rear ones come with 6 pistons.

Bugatti Chiron Facts - Wheels

2. LED lights the way

The Bugatti Chiron has LED lights both up front and at the back. Headlights have four led boxes each which play a nifty trick with our eyes, widening the supercar as a result. Moreover, they come with an active air intake. Neat place for much needed air. Tail-lights are another boasting point for the Chiron. It’s the single longest LED ever installed in one car measuring 5.25 feet (1.6 meters) in length and containing no less than 82 lights overall.

Bugatti Chiron Facts - Chiron Lights

1. Not everyone can have it

By this I don’t only imply on its exorbitant price tag. If you don’t belong to the world’s jet set, you simply won’t be able to get your hands on it. Even if you’ve just won the lottery. Average Bugatti Veyron and future Chiron owner already owns 42 cars. This means their Bugattis aren’t exactly driven that much. Average Bugatti only puts around 1,600 miles on its odometer per year. Recently, the most driven Veyron (not counting test cars) only had 24,800 miles under its belt. Even the test cars haven’t passed more than 55,800 miles themselves. Finally, average Bugatti owners have 1.7 jets and 1.4 yachts in their property.

Bugatti Chiron Facts - Exclusive


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