Official 1,000 HP Shelby Mustang Debuts at SEMA Together With the Super Snake Wide Body Concept

Unfortunately, the 1000HP Mustang Isn’t Street Legal…

Updated November 11, 2018

Like every year, there has been a host of Mustangs at the latest SEMA show. This contemporary 700 horsepower RTR Mustang is just one of them, and so is the beastly 1,000 horsepower official Shelby we’ll be covering here. Aptly named Shelby 1,000 this Shelby Mustang showcases the upgrade package that will be available on all next-gen 2015 through 2018 Mustangs. It hasn’t debuted alone, however. Shelby also presented a new Mustang Super Snake Concept wide body kit which should make any modern Stang 4 inches wider at the rear and 2.5 inches wider up front. It also gets a fresh grille with a new double splitter, a custom hood treatment and tweaked air intakes.

This Shelby 1000 Horsepower Model Is Out Of This World

Shelby 1000

But, let’s get back to the main attraction. Shelby 1,000 discards the stock GT 5.0L V8 mill in favor of a supercharged 5.2L V8. Contrary to what you may think, this isn’t a flat-plane crank Voodoo V8 from the Shelby GT350. Although it does share GT350’s cylinder heads. In order for it to generate the necessary power, Shelby has bolstered this Mustang with the 4.5L Whipple blower.

Engine is complemented by a high-flow fuel system, a bolstered transmission, and upgraded cooling system consisting of a new radiator, heat exchanger, aluminum cooling tank, and a high capacity oil pan. Shelby 1,000 also benefits from reinforced axles, an in-house exhaust, and a remapped ECU.

Shelby 1000 Blue

As far as the rest of the car goes, there’s also a fully adjustable coil-over suspension with wider 20-inch wheels and tires, and a large Brembo braking system. Apart from Shelby-specific wheels, aesthetic upgrades consist of a new front and rear fascia with a splitter and a diffuser respectively, a vented hood and larger fender flares.

There are a couple of downsides as well. For starters, the conversion starts from $169,995. That’s a price that doesn’t include a donor car. Moreover, Shelby is only planning on building 50 units per year. Finally, Shelby Mustang 1,000 will not be street-legal. Shelby decided not to pursue emissions compliance for the new engine. This makes it as niche as niche cars get. Shelby also estimate that average donor-included conversion cost will amount to $219,995. Would you pay more than $200,000 on a car you can’t drive around the town?

Shelby 1000 Rear

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