11 Mind Blowing Vehicle Mashup Renders From CarWow’s Creative Team

Crazy Mashup Madness – Check Out These Awesome Fusion Cars

Updated November 17, 2018

It’s a game that many people have played since they were children. Creating mashups of their favorite things to see what the result is. Now CarWow is taking that to the next level by giving us renders of unlikely vehicle pairings. Some are great and some are strangely funny but they all make some interesting machines.


First of all, we have the VW Golf Buggy which seems like it could be entirely possible. Volkswagen was responsible for the Dune Buggy in the 1960s which makes this seem like a throwback. VW also recently released the Beetle Dune which is sadly closer to a new Beetle than this cool sand creature. The VW Golf Buggy looks ready to tackle the beach and should be produced right now.


Next we have the Tesla Model 350R which brings together the green scene and American muscle. It brings some of the best from earth friendly travel to track and street performance. The Shelby GT350 and Tesla Model 3 seem to blend better than we would have thought. From the front you could swear you’re looking at a sleeker Mustang. The Tesla influence shows through the sedan build and slimmer overall styling.


What happens when you marry a supercar’s body styling with the rugged off road ability of a 6×6? You get CarWow’s blend of the Nissan GT R and the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG. Unfortunately, much of the GT R’s beauty is lost in having to be stretched out over a 6×6 frame. On the upside, this combo at least loses the over the top, chunky, block style of the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG.


The Land Martin DB-Fender brings two of the top British automotive brands together. The Land Rover Defender meeting the Aston Martin DB11 is a good idea on paper only. The render body ends up having a strange flow to the lines and mismatched styling. The idea of having a sports car with great off road capabilities is tempting though.


We have now seen the face of an SUV supercar but we’re not sure we wanted to. The Lamborghini Centenari-002 blends Lamborghini’s SUV discontinued after 1993 with their $2.5 million supercar. Shrinking down their rugged SUV makes the styling and scoops look out of place. Scoops that large that close to the ground seem like more of a hazard than a help.


The LaFiat 124 Aptera brings together two cars that fall under the umbrella of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The Fiat 124 Spider and LaFerrari Aptera come together to make a sporty super coupe. The two dissimilar cars blend quite well to make a convertible that would have all sorts of get up and go.


While it looks like something straight out of Tokyo Drift, the Dodgy Renecat could be a fun drive. The supercharged 6.2L V8 heart of a Hellcat in the usually boring Jeep Renegade’s body. Lowered on bigger, more attractive wheels with performance brakes give an aggressive stance. The Hellcat’s power coming through the Renegade’s 4×4 platform could be all sorts of fun.


CarWow’s BMW Active CLS Tourer looks like it should already be out on a racetrack racking up fast laps. This combination brings back the classic BMW 3.0 CSL and adds the BMW Active Tourer. The result is this racer that would seem to be at home equally in rally and track races.


The Audi Romeo RS74C come to us directly from future science fiction expressly to blow our minds. The RS 7 brings its 560 horsepower platform and takes serious design notes from Alfa Romeo. While the headlights look like spider eyes, the rest of this Italian and German hybrid is on point.


For those who want to get sideways on the track with a smaller form factor, here’s CarWow’s Audi R8S1. This hatchback coupe could start out with the Audi S1’s 281hp four cylinder engine. While we’re working in the world of creative imagination, why not put in the Audi R8’s V10 and see what it can do? Style isn’t a worry when two Audi vehicles are coming together.


The Ariel Chiron comes right out of a dream where a hypercar canseamlessly¬† blend with an off road buggy. The Ariel Nomad lends the base frame and form factor but the Bugatti Chiron brings the style. The Chiron’s 1500hp, 16 cylinder engine wouldn’t fit but there’s still lots of room to pack in the power.

When the people at CarWow let their imaginations run wild, there’e no car combo off limits. From super and hyper cars to hot hatches and off roaders, it’s all up for grabs. While some of the end results may have been silly, most of them are amazing. Let us know what you think worked and what didn’t. What two vehicles would you blend to make your dream ride?



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