15 Fictional Cars That Every Man Wants To Own

Updated March 15, 2017

Cars are always special to men. The old adage “Clothes make the man” would sound perfect in today’s world when we rewrite it as “Forget the clothes – cars make the man“. Cars show the world the type of person you are. The car, as such, can be many things at once. Apart from a vehicle that transports you from one place to another, it is also a status symbol. The way you manage a car gives others an insight of your true personality. It is true when you say that cars bring the men closer.

The kind of car one drives gives a great impression of the person itself. In fact, some nice looking cars or those with more engine power are always looked upon as status symbols. It is definitely hard to ignore the impression that a car could give to a man or woman!

In the history of entertainment and art, cars have always played an important role in shaping the power of the main character. In movies or animated series, cars are always cool to give more importance to the lead role. Most of theese cars are specially designed to give us the “wow” factor. They are unique and they can do so many things that you would only dream of a car to do. That exactly makes these cars closer to one’s heart. Every man would definitely want to own one of these if there was an option!

Let’s check out the 15 coolest fictional cars that every man has dreamt of owning one day!

15. Doc Brown’s DeLorean


Doc Brown has skillfully created this car with a built-in time machine. What else can you ask for in a car? He did build it with some undeniable style in Back To The Future. Doc Brown probably knew that even the worst car can be remade in the coolest way by adding a time machine. In fact, his car was perfect in all aspects, including its special style that made it remarkable. He was the perfect mad scientist who made Marty McFly stick around him with all his crazy plans for the car. It was that car that made millions of men dream and wish they had a car like that.

14. The Gadgetmobile


Inspector Gadget is behind this awesome vehile which is full of incredible gadgets. The best part of fictional cars is that the limit to the features is endless. This car has unbelievable adaptability and secret capabilities that we can only comprehend with the right imagination. It looks like a Toyota Supra on the exterior, but the transformability of the car knows no bounds. It could even turn into a van or a police car if it has to. The Gadgetmobile is for everyone – the good, bad and the ugly! You can use it for vigilance or for some shady business.


13. Homer Simpson’s Car


Many guys prefer the car that Homer Simpson built for himself. Homer is unique and so is his car. The car has incredible domes that can easily transform your car into a taxi. You could easily ignore the passengers and concentrate on the road if you wish to. The car was, in fact, the true predecessor to the modern day’s car. The interior has cup holders that are present in the modern day’s car, but mind you, this Simpson’s car was built nearly two decades ago! It even has these three blaring horns which we might never have to use. Well, they can bring attention when you drive, in a positive way.


12. The Incredible ECTO-1


Who wouldn’t want to be part of The Ghostbusters? The ECTO-1 is mainly here on the list because represents the Ghostbusters. Only a real Ghostbuster can get his hands on the ECTO-1. It is damn cool to take down the ghosts across the New York City, driving this insanely clunky machine. It is in perfect conditions after Ray repaired it. It might not suit the faint-hearted men, but driving one will make you feel like the fearless savior of all times!


11. The Mystery Machine


The mystery machine does not have cool features like the other cars on this list. It does not do any tricks, nor it has any special cool powers. The only reason anyone would want to own a mystery machine is because of the cool youngsters associated with it. Solving mysteries is just the thing that you should try to stand out of the crowd. A lot of men might want to hang out with Daphne or Wilma, but from the heart, everyone loves Scooby-Doo and Shaggy. The green colored mystery machine is the best place to hang out with friends and have fun.


10. The Convert- A-Car from Wacky Races


The famous cartoon from the 1960s, the Wacky Races, has a tremendous group of daffy drivers who whirl their wheels in interesting but wacky races. The way to victory for each driver is very interesting and extremely creative too. The funny cars that were created to make a winning are actually brilliant in their own way. The most daredevil cars on the show were liked by all. The Penelope Pitstop’s Compact Pussycat is great when you sit on the passenger’s seat, while Professor Pat Pending’s Convert-A-Car is the best car to drive. It is indefinitely adaptive and would help you blast your drive through anything, be it a race or any other setting. Funnily, it was just a kid’s show!


9. The Ninja Turtle Party Wagon


The Ninja Turtles are incomplete without their Turtle Party Wagon. The Party Wagon might sound a bit weird and like a dumb machine. However, the true hardcore fans of Ninja Turtles would know that it is the main street vehicle that has a variety of weapons that serve the Ninja turtles in their missions. It is more of a sturdy crime-fighting machine, unlike any ordinary car. The best part of being in the car is hanging out with Ariel and the cool Ninjas, perhaps, munching on some pizza too.


8. Canyonero


While most of the cars on this list might seem unrealistic, the Canyonero is quite different. It is a practical and sensible vehicle. You can find more details about this car on the theme song. The song suggests that the vehicle could seat 35 and it smells of steak! The car is said to weight a lot, about 65 tons, and it is 12 yards long. Imagine having to find a parking space with that big car. You would probably end up using 2 lanes on the parking lot. It is unforgettable how Krusty, the clown, sold the car in his famous series of adverts. Don’t jump to buy the wrong car like Homer did! He ended up buying a women’s car, apparently.


7. The Mach 5


The speed racer Mach 5 is a prized possession. The coke-bottle style car is sleek and trendy. It is meant for speed racing so you cannot expect to hang out with friends on this one. It does have a number of special features that would make any man go crazy about the car. The Shooting Star could also be a good choice, but we would prefer the Mach 5, along with Racer X. Hope Racer protects everyone using the car just like how he cares for his Speed racer.


6. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


It is probably the ugliest car on the list. It looks old and broken down. The clunky parts of the vehicle do not add to its beauty either. What makes this car incredible is its awesome unique feature. It can fly! Literally, it can sprout wings and fly in the air. If you happen to come across a sea or an ocean, you do not have to worry. It can also very well transform into a water boat in a few minutes. Hit the right buttons and Voila! You have a boat! What matters most in this car is the driver’s seat that is too alluring to ignore! However, some men might not really enjoy the children’s movie that the car originated from. Singing silly songs would also be way out of the league.


5. James Bond’s Cars


Absolutely anything owned by James Bond would make our jaws drop. The cars are unattainable –  grand and rich. They would simply make you the coolest person on earth if you happen to own any of them. Men would do anything to emulate James Bond and owning one of his cars is like a dream come true. The Aston Martin from the Goldfinger is the most sought after, an enviable car that James Bond had. Many other designer cars including Audis, Bentleys, Alfa Romeos and countless Rolls-Royces were also important parts of the James Bond series. It really does not matter if these cars have the cool Bond gadgets that were a courtesy of Q. Just owning one would make you feel like a celebrity.


4. Fred Flintstone’s Car


Fred Flintstone is one of the coolest cartoon characters ever made. The Bedrock does seem the right place to celebrate the invention of the wheel. The Flintstone’s car is definitely not something that you would want to drive on a heavy traffic morning. It is probably the best to use it if you would like to lose weight in an absolutely organic way! Using a car like this could be a real routine breaker and it would surely be great fun to have a race with your friends with this car. Of course, modern science and technology would help prevent broken knees when you try to drive up hill or down the slopes.


3. Sweet Tooth’s Ice Cream Truck


The Twisted Metal world must be avoided at all costs but that doesn’t mean that the cars there aren’t fun to drive. We do not suggest the killing spree that we see in the show, but the demolition derby with an ice cream truck does sound like a fun way to spend the weekend off. The evil head that is on the top of the truck could ward off any kid from thinking that it is just another ice cream truck. It would definitely mean unstoppable fun, in all ways!


2. K.I.T.T


Some people might not admit it in the public but there are many who talk to their cars as if they were human. They might even share their personal secrets to their car whilst they drive alone. Every car might have a distinct character and personality too. Why not name it? The idea is appealing to many, but we may seem quite incompetent when it comes to creativity. That is the reason we should try driving the K.I.T.T. The Knight Industries have created the K.I.T.T, and impressively, it did have some special features and special characters too. It can navigate and pass through dangerous paths by itself. It can also see through its eyes through the path too. For the record, we do think that the William Daniel’s model is the coolest of the clan!


1.The Batmobile


Who would say no to the Batmobile? Perhaps, some of the other cars on the list may not have really appealed to everyone, but the glorious batmobile is a must try for all car enthusiasts. The Caped Crusader might wax and wane in every passing movie, but what remains constant is the coolest car ever created – the Batmobile. The car has gone through so many changes, but who cares – All we are asking for is a place behind the wheel!




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