1500 HP Supra VS 1600 HP TT Silverado

What Happens When A 1500 HP Supra Goes Head To Head With A 1600 HP TT Silverado?

Updated October 4, 2018

The Supra is definitely prepared for the challenge with a blown-out 1500 horsepower power plant featuring a huge turbocharger that must develop an incredible amount of boost pressure. Several other modifications have been incorporated to capitalize on the potential of the power plant as well. The 1994 Chevy Silverado is definitely not a slacker, with twin turbochargers and other modifications to bring it up to the 1600 horsepower range. The truck has a small horsepower advantage; but the Supra definitely has the overall weight advantage making the results of this race very Unpredictable.


The Toyota Supra is equipped with a 2JZ engine that the stock version was only capable of about 200 horsepower, so this engine has definitely had a complete performance overhaul to accomplish a 1500 HP end result. That’s an amazing 700 percent increase from the original equipment. A large turbocharger can be credited for the majority of the increased power produced by the Supra; but several other modifications must have been incorporated to bring this motor to that level. That’s a huge accomplishment when you are talking about an in-line six cylinder. The engine is shown in the video and you can see the huge turbocharger that has been incorporated into this very meticulous tuning project.

The Silverado is affectionately known by its fans as the Red Dragon and it has received a very impressive performance makeover including twin turbochargers and several other modifications. As you will see in the beginning of the video it appears to be a very highly tuned small block that has been totally modified to achieve a 1600 horsepower rating. You can definitely tell that a lot of time and money went into this engine.

The race between the Supra and the Silverado is fairly close at first and then the truck seems to get a burst of power that may be due to the twin chargers kicking in. But; anyway you look at it the Silverado came out on top in the end and the Red Dragon Fan Club went home happy!

1500 hp Supra vs 1600 hp TT Silverado



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