Fisker Karma 2012

16 Fisker Karmas Suffer From Sandy’s Power.

Published November 2, 2012

Fisker Karma 2012Greeting everyone, and welcome back to, where we will deliver you the latest automotive news, gossip, and Tom Foolery that just so happens to take place all around the world. In this segment of the news we have a Hurricane Sandy related event that had a very strange twist at the end of it all.

As we all know, Hurricane Sandy has finally left the general East Coast

Fisker Karma Fire

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area, and has left a legacy of destruction that will never be forgotten, but this story I’m about to reveal has a bit of a high dollar ending to it. Apparently automaker Fisker was the first manufacturer to feel the brunt of Hurricane Sandy. While sitting at a shipping port located in Port Newark, New Jersey, Hurricane Sandy came a rolling through, and flooded the entire parking area where pretty much all of the brand new 2013 Fisker Karmas were sitting. For the most part, the majority of the Karmas remained unscathed, but an unlucky sixteen met their fate in a mass drowning attempt. In an odd twist, it was reported by an unnamed source that while the 16 2013 Fisker Karmas were being snuffed out by Sandy’s 80mph winds, and rain the Karmas tried to fight back by spontaneously combusting into massive flames.

Burned Karma via Sandy’s winds were too much for the Fisker Karmas to handle, and thus gave up the fight, and began to smolder into metallic piles of scrap. Now I know I’m kind of putting a Clash of the Titans spin on this, but does anyone want to really hear more bad news about Fisker, and their issues with life as a whole? This battle with Mother Nature only comes after Fisker’s financial woes, and problems, which coincidentally was followed by the recall of quite a few 2012/2013 Fisker Karmas.

To continue, the fire eventually burned itself out, and Fisker is now short 16 2013 Fisker Karmas which would retail at about $1.6 Million dollars. This is a very tough blow for Fisker Fisker Karma Fireto have to deal with at this time, but Fisker reps are still optimistic about the future of the company. As for the root cause of the fire, reps of Fisker stated that there will be a full investigation on why these cars caught fire, and a report will disclosed at the appropriate time. 



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