17 More Hilarious Street Signs, Now With Reader Entries!

Published May 8, 2015

Last month we shared photos of amusing street signs and based on your overwhelmingly positive response we tracked another round of strange but true images.

Also,  we’d like nothing better than for you to add your strange street sign locations to the comments section of this Facebook post (like our new BFFs Robin Kempfer and Kelly Dougherty did the last time). If we use your suggestion in our next post, you could find yourself mentioned in a post that reaches a couple of million people.


An actual detour sign in Albuquerque, New Mexico



When using the diamond lane just won’t get you there quickly enough



“There’s no way the cops will every figure out we’re running a bookie joint here.”



I thought the State wasn’t to get involved in Church issues



“That’s right … take it nice and slow”


At first Katherine C. Rotch was very excited that a road was being named after her.



I think the advice is too little, too late



Not an actual street sign, but it always cracks me up



The Big Beaver Road Exit 69 sign is seemly part of Michigan culture. You can buy t-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, luggage tags, tote bags, truckers’ hats, neck ties, aprons, and other mementos with the an image of the famous highway sign so embedded in Michigan culture . Thanks to Kelly Dougherty for the suggestion (Kelly, how many Big Beaver key chains do you own?).


I’m really, really hoping this means something different in Dutch than it sounds like in English.



I know some people who should post this sign in their driveway



The Cambridge Online Discretionary defines the use of the noun Close as “a road that can only be entered from one end.” Butt means the same as in the US. You figure it out.



With some many of these signs, you have to think that the people who planned and installed them were either oblivious or knew damn well what they were doing. In ever-so-cautious Madison, WI they’ve separated the signs for Hooker Ave, and Pleasure Dr. at opposite corners of the intersection. But since Robin Kempfer was so kind as to tip us off, we’re including this lame map just for her.


Check it out: They named a street after an episode of “Oz”.



You bet your ass it’s a Neighborhood Watch Area






Dude, there’s no way you’re getting out of taking the blame for that one.


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