Father and Son Complete this Amazing 1962 Studebaker Lark Gasser Project

Not something you’d expect from father & son restoration project

Updated July 19, 2017

Robert and his son Sebastian Rey are living the dream. They are in car restoration business which allows them to be surrounded by that which they love almost every single day of the week – cars. But all that work on someone else’s cars often takes its toll. They figured out they never restored a car that will remain in the family. What’s more, Robert’s father and grandfather too, were in the car business and they all completed father and son projects of their own back in the day. That’s why Robert and Sebastian decided it was due time they did something about that and came across one rather ordinary 1962 Studebaker Lark which they would later restore in one out of the ordinary way.

Robert’s friend Chicago Mike supplied the beaten and bruised Lark at half the original price. What are friends for, anyway?! Robert and Sebastian wanted a regular car with no history whatsoever, but since they bought the car from a family friend and failed to enquire about it, they ended up with what was obviously a gasser project sometime ago. This forced them to change their restoration plans quite a bit. Still, it all ended up rather well.

It ended up well thanks to many people who jumped on board the project. You see, Sebastian became a son of many fathers who all supplied skills of their own. Phil Brown was one of them responsible for machine work. Not only did he do a hell of a job on ’65 327ci Corvette small-block V8, but he also donated some parts. Frank Forsyth, on the other hand, assembled the motor.

Fernando Gutierrez of Atlas Springs answered the call when it came to chassis work. Rey’s Studebaker Lark gasser sports Don Long dropped front axle, P.S.I. shackles, and brakes out of ’69 Camaro. At the back sits a ’57 Pontiac positraction rearend with 3.90 gears. Like every true gasser, Bluebird Lark (named after The Blue Bird film with Shirley Temple) sports different sets of wheels up front and around the back. Former are custom-cut Torq-Thrusts, while latter are American Standard wheels from the sixties.

Interior is neat and tidy, although barren of any unnecessary details. Gassers are meant to be raced, after all. Seats have been taken out of ’64 Thunderbird, floor had been carpeted, and steering wheel had been made at home by Reys. Custom gauges and original sixties stickers adorn the dashboard. B&M Series 60 shifter breaks the sixties theme a bit, but goes along nicely with that engine-turned dash panel. Finally, Reys wrapped the whole deal with their own mild-steel six point rollbar.

Bluebird 1962 Studebaker Lark built by Rays is one of a kind father and son project. There’s no doubt about it. They’ve kept the family tradition alive by completing it, and can now focus on other tasks at hand. Hopefully, this won’t be their last father and son project.


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