1966 Mustang Autocross Awesomesauce

Updated December 29, 2014

There are a lot of custom shops that work on Mustangs new and old but many tend to use the word “custom” liberally as they are really proficient at bolting on a shitty bodykits and replacing that muffler with a Folgers coffee can. Custom cars are often times works in progress and that is fine as long as you car is only a primer color for less that a decades time and those naked bumpers aren’t more torn apart than completed. Problem is that often times custom comes with great costs with Mustangs unless you yourself are working on the vehicle and then you at least send one child to that worthless art college. Gearheads 2-ring-brothers-1966-mustang-ebay ring-brothers-1966-mustang Gearheads org 2-ring-brothers-1966-mustang-ebay

Every few weeks we come across custom work that blows us away. The car is clean, unique and an obvious accumulation of thought and talent. We look at the car and think, awe damn I wish I would have thought of that. Well this 1966 Mustang from the Ring Brothers is a no nonsense time attack vehicle that looks like it could easily pull 24hrs of racing and still win best in show once you scrapped all the bugs and opponents off the front fascia.Gearheads org-ring-brothers-1966-mustang-ebay Front Gearheads-ring-brothers-1966-mustang-ebay Engine Bay Gearheads-ring-brothers-1966-mustang-ebay

The powerplant of this Mustang is a Keith Kraft small-block 427ci stroker is pumping out 600 horsepower and 600lb ft of torque and is set back 6 inches to allow proper clearance as well as help shift the weight further back for improved handling. There are two sets of 14 inch rotors wrapped by Baer 6-piston calipers front and back. There are plenty of lightweight components you can see if you look close such as the carbon fiber roof and the mass of drilled out spots makes this car resemble more of a P-51 Mustang as there is certainly an attention to lightweight components. The suspension is full of tuning options to that you can fuck it all up when you take your stupid drunk friends advice and lower it so much that the ride sterilizes your genitals. Gearheads 1966 ringbrothers MustangBottom-ring-brothers-1966-mustang-ebay



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