1966 Mustang Gold Garage Find is One Millionth Anniversary Mustang

Published September 3, 2016

Mustang’s production began in March 1964 and by the time March 1966 came, it had already reached a milestone of sorts. It was so popular straight from the gate that it only needed couple of years for one millionth model to hit the streets. Here’s the life story of one such Mustang. It’s neither incredible nor breathtaking. It’s a simple story one could have expected from the 50-year old car.


Not much is known about this special series of Mustangs. It is believed they were all assembled in San Jose and then distributed to all or most of the sales districts across North America. That would mean there were less than 50 of them at the time, and only 2 have been known to exist prior to this one being pulled from the garage. This 1966 Mustang Gold is currently owned by Mike Hollis. He bought couple of early production hardtops back in mid-eighties. Luckily, he has scrapped the 1965 one and decided to give the 1966 one a chance. However, he never got to put it through its paces and the hardtop basically collected dust for 30 years.


Then, in 2007, Mike read an article written by Jim Smart, called “Hidden Anniversary Gold”. He immediately suspected his 1966 Mustang Hardtop might be one of the few although it was blue at the time. 1966 Mustang Gold can be recognized by its unique door tag code combination. It lacks the color code since all of them came in special-order bright metallic gold. Fitting for one millionth anniversary Mustang. Even more fitting for a 50-year old car which celebrates its golden anniversary this year. In any case, DSO code “33” (Detroit) is followed by the unique set of figures “1111”. Finally, “66A” and “29C” in front tell us that Mike’s Mustang was produced on March 29, 1966.


Mike Hollis even found the first owner of the 1966 Gold Mustang, Jim Gloer. Jim confirmed it was indeed the one millionth anniversary Mustang that he had bought at Hill Ford Sales in Fremont, Ohio. He then completed the story of this extremely rare Mustang. He had bought it in the same dealership he worked in as a mechanic. It held a special place in his heart since he took his wife Rita on their Smoky Mountains honeymoon in it. However, he then ran the 1966 Gold Mustang through the automatic car wash and metallic gold paint shattered due to the extreme cold. He wouldn’t accept anything other, but Ford simply couldn’t match the special-order gold. In the end, they gave him the opportunity to choose any car he wanted. He went with the 1968 Ford LTD, and Gold Mustang Hardtop got traded for it.

1966-ford-mustang-interior 1966-ford-mustang-steering-wheel

Mike is planning on restoring it to the original high-metallic-content gold which is still visible underneath the current blue – especially in the trunk, on the doorjambs and in the engine bay. He’s also planning on returning the four-barrel 289 Windsor V8 to the original two-barrel setup. Interior looks in fine shape for a 50-year old car, and even deluxe Pony Seats still hold their own. On closer look, one would even say Ford sprinkled some of that metallic content on the inside as well. Dashboard certainly looks more sparkling than it’s supposed to. That will be the best possible end for this rare 1966 Mustang Gold. Imbuing it with the new life and kicking its golden behind out on the streets where it belongs.

1966-ford-mustang-289-engine 1966-ford-mustang-doorjambs 1966-ford-mustang-trunk


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