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1967 Ford Mustang Pit Viper


We usually associate Cobra with mustang but this snake/stallion combo is just as lethal to its prey on the streets. With a true “overcoming the odds” story from an owner who had to rehabilitate himself after a tragic and almost life ending accident, this amazing machine was customized by a talented man named Brook Phillips who is now transforming 67’s & 68’s for others.


Brook had a long history with cars and this Pit Viper project was his way of rehabilitating his basic motor functions and gaining back not only the strength he had once before, but placing his passion into a project that when finished would be his masterpiece and trophy of self preservation and triumph.


The car was to be reminiscent of the Cobras with several styling cues preserved; but also a mix of the “Eleanor” Mustang and finalized with the stylings that Brook himself wanted to improved upon. The final result is a car that we all here at Gearheads would certainly drive straight to our exes homes to leave tire tracks all over their yards and driveways. (I still want my flannel back Tammy, you bitch)


With a 351w stroked to 427 by Keith Craft this power plant would produce 575hp of carbureted venom at the flywheel. Attached is a Tremec 6-speed sent to a 9″ rear-end packed with 3.73:1 gears. Looking closely to the suspension components revealed that a few 4th Gen Mustang goodies were fitted in order to improve handling and braking. With 13″ Baer rotors on all four corners covered by some HRE 19×9 F & 20×11 R gives this snake a decent contact patch in which to strike. (There are going to be a few snake puns and play on words so deal with it)


Now what really sets this Mustang apart is the custom aesthetic work done. These scoops and poops are not plastic Pep-Boys shit, this is all hand made one-off pieces done by Brook. Everything is seamlessly placed on the car from the hood scoops to the side exhaust ports. The only problem was that the hood weighed a shit-ton (a ton + shit) and therefore it took some custom billet hood props in order to keep the hood from striking any engine enviers like a… well Viper dammit.

This Mustang has not only caught national attention but the attention of seemingly non-gearheads as you can’t help but take a look and know that this fucker is fast. Kudos to Brook as good things come when you do good work.




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