1967 Chevrolet Camaro Rolls Out of the Garage After 31 Years

Published June 15, 2016

It’s a pity seeing so many classic muscle cars stacked away in barns, garages and storage (or rather not seeing them on the streets), but at least we’re witnessing more and more of them reappearing after a few decades of slumber. What’s more important, there are more and more people willing to restore them to their former glory. Such is the story of this early production 1967 Chevrolet Camaro which didn’t see the light of day in over 30 years. Since we’re talking about first-gen Camaro, here’s a story of the very first Camaro ever produced.


This specimen used to belong to Sonny Mitchell’s uncle Tom (hey, it’s the guy’s name) who bought it from Ron Shafer Chevrolet in Anniston, Alabama, and was its first and only owner. Sonny remembers trying to persuade his uncle to give or sell him the car, but the answer was always no. Even Sonny’s first 1974 Camaro wasn’t enough to quench the thirst he had towards his uncle’s early production icon. The car ended up parked in a garage for 31 years since 1982 after taking two consecutive bumps to the passenger’s side. Sonny only saw it once more during the nineties. Before his uncle passed away in 2013, that is, That’s when his father inherited the car, and he finally reunited with the car he craved for so long. As fate would have it, his father passed away the following year as well, effectively making Sonny the new owner of this rusty 1967 Chevrolet Camaro.


It wasn’t always rusty, though. It used to be painted in Capri Cream as evident from the picture above where Sonny poses in front of it with his sister Lisa. The interior was shiny golden, reminiscent of muscle cars’ golden era.


What’s probably this Camaro’s biggest asset is its early production which yielded more than a few oddities. For instance, its engine. This 1967 Chevrolet Camaro came with (and still has) the L30/M20 engine/transmission combination. This combo was only available in ’67 and ’68 Camaros, and there were 7 variations of it during those two short years. Needless to say, Sonny’s uncle’s Camaro was labeled the first variation. Four barrel L30 327 has 275 hp which are routed to the ground via Saginaw 4 speed transmission and Positraction 10-bolt rear end.


1967 Chevrolet Camaro is currently undergoing a full restoration – courtesy of Seth Wood and Lucky’s Restorations from Athens, Alabama. Seth has shared some peculiarities of this early production Camaro with us. It has unique jute material on the inside of the roof panels, red tag near the fill port on the 10-bolt, and the cowl tag on the firewall – all respectively depicted in pictures below.

09-1967-chevrolet-camaro-headliner 10-1967-chevrolet-camaro-rearend-tag 11-1967-chevrolet-camaro-cowl-tag

The fact that Sonny always talked about his uncle Tom’s car is proved by his high school friends who came to Camaro’s rollout. His obsession with his uncle’s early production Camaro was that strong. As strong as the bond he still shares with his high school friends and fellow car aficionados.

Sonny (third from left) with his high school friends and his uncle's Camaro

Sonny (third from left) with his high school friends and his uncle’s Camaro


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