1968 GMC Truck Is an Autocross Sensation

The 1968 GMC Truck Excels At Autocross

Updated September 28, 2018

When Alberta, Canada’s Neil Tomlyn first discovered this 1968 GMC truck, he planned on a basic restoration, but the future is a funny thing. When Neil first located and purchased this GMC while vacationing in British Columbia, he wanted a restoration project, but then he attended some autocross events. Before long, his project took on an entirely new direction.

1968 GMC Truck 1

While the GMC’s exterior was restored much to what the truck once was, Neil did widen the rear wheelwells by about 5.5 inches to accommodate larger tires. To excel in autocross racing, however, far more was needed than new tread on Intro Pristine wheels.

1968 GMC Truck 2

So, Neil made some other adjustments to the 1968 GMC truck’s stock frame to withstand the rigors of racing. These tweaks included the addition of RideTech single-adjustable shocks in the front and AFCO double-adjustable shocks in the rear along with a 11⁄8-inch sway bar and Wilwood brakes.

1968 GMC Truck 3

Beneath the hood, this spruced-up GMC truck sports a 434 Dart block engine paired with a 700-R4 transmission with 3,200 TCS stall. It also features a Edelbrock Air-Gap intake, FAST EZ EFI carburetor, and a Flowmaster 2.5-inch exhaust system. At the flywheel, this setup puts out 720 hp, but Neil hopes to make further adjustments to increase that in the future.

1968 GMC Truck 4

Like the exterior, much of the interior is stock, but a few components stand out. The GMC’s bucket seats have been reupholstered in fine black leather, and Neil added a five-point harness bar for safety while at the autocross track. Auto Meter Phantom gauges above the Billet Specialties wheel keep Neil abreast of necessary information to perform at peak levels, which we expect to increase in the near future.

1968 GMC Truck 5

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