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1976 Toyota FJ Gets Modern Low And Wide Rebuild

Because rebuild and update projects can get plenty weird and wild sometimes, we often see cool results like this. In the case of this South African build, the local terrain and a point to prove directed the end result. Allers Rods & Customs’s goal was to restore a 1976 Toyota FJ, the successor to the Land Cruiser, adding style and substance.


The challenge that they wanted to put themselves against was only using local parts. This means that, with a few exceptions, every part of this creation can be bought at a modern dealership. The cabin, custom front suspension, and original front end are among the only exceptions.


This cabin is custom made and the windows are all chopped due to the need for completely new fitment. The low profile works so well on the South African terrain thanks to a custom made front suspension system. A Volkswagen Golf 1’s headlights found a new home as well as a Land Rover Discovery’s wheels and diff. Wrangler seats add comfort and complete the interior’s look.


A Lexus 1UZ V8 makes a shy sounding 300 horsepower and yet it goes a long way in the very lightweight vehicle. The bare bones approach to the interior is a welcome sight and contributes to the light curb weight. The Lexus ECU remains intact, lending to the durability and dependability of the powertrain.


The result of 1200 hours of work, this vehicle throws back to the Land Cruiser but repackages it for modern tastes. This FJ rebuild has unusually wide, aggressive stance is also paired with the low slung ride height makes a cool combination. This unique twist on an FJ has finally been making the rounds at South African car shows. In the process, thousands of miles have already racked up on the odometer. This gives a hint at how well it will perform in the future given it’s ancestors’ history of durability.



James Murrell
About James Murrell

I love to research and admire all sorts of vehicles from restored classics to top shelf supercars, monstrous offroaders to weird concept vehicles. I absolutely adore any vehicle I can get behind the wheel of.

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