1988 Pontiac Fiero For Sale – Only $80,000??? WTF

Published November 7, 2015

So you purchased a wildly mediocre car and kept the miles off of it in hopes that someday you could sell it as a collectors car and reap the rewards. Problem is that this is not a hot time to sell the Fiero, because there is never a hot time to sell the Fiero! Unless it’s to A.C. Slater or Ferris Bueller’s sister Jeanine.

crazy-pontiac-fiero-1988-worth-80000 4

crazy-pontiac-fiero-1988-worth-80000 5

Well the owner of this admittedly clean and low mileage Fiero believes that this baby is worth almost $80,000 usd and doesn’t understand why the internet is laughing at him. Oddly enough there might be someone out there that has more money than sense and wishes to rekindle the time when he got a “handy” in the school parking lot in one of these.

crazy-pontiac-fiero-1988-worth-80000 3

crazy-pontiac-fiero-1988-worth-80000 6

Sure, 7274 miles on the OD is worth a little extra and the fact that this car really is in good shape but for ƒøçk sake why couldn’t this have been a Corvette or at least Firebird?


crazy-pontiac-fiero-1988-worth-80000 2

At least the owner isn’t as crazy as this guy with his $3.4mil Firebird.  What would you pay for this ride?




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