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1999 BMW 850CSi

Published July 15, 2012

The well-known German car manufacturing giant BMW built a series of coupes from 1989 to 1999 which came to be known as the BMW 8 Series. A series known for a higher price tag also featured a heavily improved performance as compared to the other models under development by BMW.

The 1999 850CSi Model of the BMW 8 series was a standout for many reasons. It carried the same engine as the BMW 850i; however, it was so heavily tuned that the engine actually had a new engine code assigned to it. The 850CSi engine, in fact, turned out to be such a high performer that it continued to be used over a variety of other models of the moderately successful BMW 8 series.

The 1999 BMW 850CSi carried a limited edition 5.6 liter 12-cylinder engine capable of delivering- the BMW 8 series’ highest- 372 horsepower. It came powered with a six speed gearbox, lowered height ride, sport suspension and 17 inch tires that only added to the overall grandeur of this supercar series of the last decade of the 20th century.

Driving the 1999 850CSi was a relaxing experience, one that was unparalleled by any other supercar of its capacity.  The engine itself was very silent avoiding unnecessary roar or scream, just a small pleasant hum which managed not to distract the driver or passengers to be affected by it. A top speed of 196 mph was available but was limited to 155 mph electronically in order to adhere to the necessary safety standards.

The 1999 850CSi weighed in at almost two metric tonnes and was often criticized for it weighing way more than its size deserves. It is also considered as perhaps the best out of the BMW 8-series but is recorded to have been overlooked continually and hence not having been valued to the extent it deserved.

The fuel consumption was relatively high-even in the times it was manufactured. It consumed 8.7 mpg in the city drive, 18.7 mpg on the highway and 13.1 mpg when both city and highway averages were combined.

Multiple luxury features were available in the 1999 BMW 850CSi. These included a front center armrest, a 250 Watt stereo system, ABS with EBD, remote antitheft alarm, wooden trim interiors, multi zone climate control system, driver and passenger Airbags along with front and rear electric windows.

To sum up, the 1999 BMW 850CSi was an outstanding member of the BMW 8-series; one that still manages to retain a huge following in both America and Europe. And even though it had its own drawbacks and was cursed several times on these grounds; it was still a class apart supercar of its age.



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