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2.0L Trumpchi to launch at years end

Published December 4, 2010

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2.0L Trumpchi – coming soon

Guangzhou Auto Company (GAC)are readying their Alfa Romeo based sedan to the market at the years end and will first offer a 2.0L engine, although other engines are likely to make an appearance soon after.

GAC are among the last state owned car manufacturers to have launched their own car brand, although they seem to be doing it in a smart way. GAC purchased the rights to Alfa Romeo platforms from Fiat prior to their joint venture which will see them produce Fiats, Jeeps and Chrysler models in the PRC over the next few years. The Trumpchi was already produced on September 3rd and has been doing the rounds as a service car at the Asian Games in Guangzhou. The 2.0L that will launch first will be equipped with a 2.0L 150bhp engine, whilst a lower powered 1.8L will launch a few weeks later.




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