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20 of the Most Ridiculous Traffic Rules in the United States

Listing 20 Crazy Traffic Rules Of Various State And Local Governments In The USA!

Updated November 21, 2018

funny do not read sign

It’s amazing how many laws and traffic rules the United States has in effect, and just because people lack a little thing called “common sense”.  In fact, the United States has so many laws, that there are three branches of governments that do almost nothing but bump out laws all day, every day, all year long.  Not only do we have the three branches, but there are also different levels of laws, such as Federal, state, and local laws.  With all of these bureaucrats pumping out new laws and traffic rules, it’s definitely difficult to manage which to enforce and which not to enforce.  Road rules and outdated traffic laws remain in effect until they’re repealed, so there are still tons of traffic rules out there that exist that shouldn’t be relevant (or acceptable) in modern days.

Luckily, there are many police and judicial prosecutors that do have enough common sense to not prosecute these laws.  If you run into an instance where they actually do charge you with one of these ridiculous laws, fight it and you will most likely see it disappear.  If not, call the media outlets and let them run with it!  You may find that there are also many traffic rules listed below that were obviously written for those that lack every ounce of common sense possible.

Check Out These Super Weird Traffic Laws That Still Exist!

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Traffic Rule #20 – In the city of Glendale, California, it is illegal to jump from a vehicle moving at the speed of 65mph.  However, the law does not discuss the legality of jumping from speeds above or below 65mph.

Traffic Rule #19 – While nobody should disrespect the deal, the local government of Dunn, North Carolina went as far as to declare it illegal to drive through a cemetery unless you are there to dig a grave.

Traffic Rule #18 – I can totally understand it being illegal (or grounds for an ass kicking) to touch another man’s wife, but in University City, Missouri, it is illegal to honk another man’s vehicle horn.

Traffic Rule #17 – In several areas of New York State, it is illegal to be in your car (or creeper van) while being naked.

Cop sites driver with balloons due to strange traffic laws

Traffic Rule #16 – You may want to refrain from honking your horn late while at Sonic (if somebody cuts you off) because the State of Arkansas has deemed it illegal to use your car horn where ice cold beverages and sandwiches are served after 9:00 p.m.

Traffic Rule #15 – While the road and sidewalks serve as a home for many in the streets of downtown Las Angeles, the city of Eureka California has made it illegal to use any part of a public road as a bed.

Traffic Rule #14 – You may want to rethink purchasing that pretty red sports car if you live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  There is an active law stating that it is illegal to drive down Lake Street in a red car.

Traffic Rule #13 – In Washington, any motorists with criminal intentions must stop at the city limits when entering a town and telephone the Chief of Police.  If I were a police officer in Washington, I would slap this charge on every criminal that I cited 😉

Man waves red flag in front of woman driver

Traffic Rule #12 – In Waynesboro, Virginia, a city traffic rule states that it is unlawful for a woman to drive in a vehicle on Main Street unless her husband is present and walking in front of the car waving a flag colored red.

Traffic Rule #11 – We’re all aware that California has whacky laws of all types.  One of those laws/traffic rules being that women are not allowed to drive in a housecoat.

Traffic Rule #10 – In the State of Alabama, it is illegal to drive a vehicle while blindfolded.

Traffic Rule #9 –Dublin, Georgia may just be one of the safest towns to live in if you have children.  They have made it illegal to drive through playgrounds of all types.

Traffic Rule #8 – If you’re the whale-lovin’ type, and like to sport a “Honk if you love whales” bumper sticker, I would stay far away from New Jersey.  New Jersey law states that those caught driving through the state with one of these bumper stickers will have the sticker soldered to the trunk of the vehicle.

Traffic Rule #7 – New Jersey residents are required by law to honk before passing another vehicle.  It’s amazing that this traffic rule hasn’t yet been repealed considering that almost every resident of the state breaks this law on a daily basis.

Some traffic rules insist that you cannot strap a dog to your car roof.

Traffic Rule #6 – If you’re a dog owner in Alaska, you may want to get a vehicle large enough to fit the dog inside your ride, because the State of Alaska has declared it unlawful to tether your dog to the roof of your car.  I wonder if this law was written as a result of somebody strapping their dog to their roof racks like a pair of skis?

Traffic Rule #5 – Although they jump around like monkeys, it’s illegal to leave your sheep unattended in your truck in the State of Montana.  The odd thing is that it is not illegal to leave your dog unattended in the truck in this state.

Traffic Rule #4 – Those that have Tourettes Syndrome or issues with road rage should probably avoid Maryland at all costs.  There is an active traffic rule deeming swearing inside a vehicle as a misdemeanor.

Traffic Rule #3 – In Canton, OH, it is illegal to share the road with somebody on roller skates.  I would hope that this law was created to keep cars from towing roller skaters, but who really knows?

Traffic Rule #2 – In New Jersey, you must really respect cops’ authority.. and you must show that respect!  The State of New Jersey’s statutes declared that in any instance, it is illegal to frown at a police officer for any reason.

cattle road sign

Traffic Rule #1 – This law is obviously a very old law, considering that there are hardly any country roads and that it is illegal to buy rockets at most times of the year.  However, in the State of Pennsylvania, while on a country road, you must stop each mile and shoot off a rocket in an attempt to clear out livestock from the roads.



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