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2006 Ford GT

Published July 28, 2012

It’s not every day supercars are put out for the world to see and even less often someone attempts to recreate one. Ford took this challenge on in a big way when they came up with the concept for the ford GT. A car coming with a lot of history behind it and some very big tire tracks to fill. Ford was about to make history for the second time with the same car.

When Ford created this supercar they were basically aiming to duplicate the car that dominated the 24 hrs hours of Le Mans and many other major circuits and make it street legal. This car was the Gt40 and it was nearly matched by the GTs 550 horse power super charged V8. This goes to show why the GT40 would take 1st 2nd and 3rd place in the 1966 Le mans. Never to be followed up by any other car company in competition.

You may expect the insane pickup off the line or smooth shifting 6 speed transmission but the 18 inch increase in length and slightly taller more aerodynamic design makes for an unmatched smoothness and control. This is also one of few cars that comes with a one inch stager from front to rear wheels also helping to hug every curve.  The one flaw is in the safety features with the GT not offering side impact airbags and just a stock ABS system. The sits can also make for a bit of work to get comfortable but hugs nicely once your situated.
Like in ancestor this supercar was also built to go the distance with its rear scoops channeling cool air right back under the hood.  These features being introduced with the two prototypes that were released in 2003 and the first GT officially hit the market in spring time of 2004. Originally 4,500 were projected to be put out but ford  would fall just short of there mark in September of 2006 reaching 4,038. However sales continued from cars that had been stored in dealer inventories  through 2007. As of May, 31, 2007  the GT was no longer being produced. Now days these cars retail for anywhere from a modest $145,00 to $175,00.

Whether your a ford fan or not, you can’t help but pay your respects to one of the most precisely engineered machines since space shuttles. This is certainly a car that given the chance you should get in, hold on and enjoy the smooth 160 mph  ride. I hope to see a big better version and wouldn’t be surprised to see ford pop up with one. Well i guess in the mean time we should keep our fingers crossed.


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