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2012 BMW 3-Series

Published October 18, 2012

2012 BMW 3-SeriesThis beautifully redesigned car has hit the market with rave reviews. It has beautiful lines on the outside which makes it a pretty hot commodity.  It comes in sedan, coupe, wagon and convertible versions.  Each version has different trim levels to pick from except for the wagon. The coupe and convertible have not had much of a noticeable body change since the previous year, but the wonderful sedan has been updated and really is looking wonderful.

With a 240HP engine under the hood you can expect to have some real power when you are driving this wonderful car.  It has a six cylinder engine and it is available in a manual or automatic transmission.  Fuel economy varies, as  the sedan gives you 24mpg city/36 highways and the coupe and convertible vary from 17/24 to 19/28 . There is also an 8 speed automatic  transmission available on the sedan version.

One issue with this car is the tight suspension. Some drivers  just cannot get used to the way that it feels under them.  It runs just as smoothly if not more so than last year’s.

Design and Features /Interior2012 BMW 3-Series Interior
This car has just about everything you can imagine from cruise control and anti-theft system to steering wheel controls.  It has keyless entry and remote trunk release, HD radio and CD player with a wonderful set of speakers which are placed in optimum positions around the car.   You also have the option of a navigation system and onboard hands free communication.

2012 BMW 3-Series Red

Safety is the big concern for BMW.  When it comes to their cars, they hold nothing back when it comes to building a safe yet great performing car. There are driver and passenger air bags, as well as side air bags which protect you in a collision from any direction.  It has daytime running lights and electronic stability control, adding to its already long list of safety features.

All in all, no matter what body style you choose, you know that you are getting the most exceptional tradition of perfection.  It has all the safety, security, beauty and luxury that a car of this stature can have.  It truly is one of the best cars that have been designed in a few years, and with the remodel you will not be sorry that you picked this as your new upgrade.



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