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2012 Chevy Silverado – Unbeatable Force

Updated October 6, 2012

2012 Chevy SilveradoTruck sales may not be what they use to, and I know plenty of people who traded in these fuel black holes for fuel-efficient rides when gasoline prices soared. For anyone who has driven trucks for a majority of their life, this transition can be hard. The visibility is not the same, to the point where it is frustrating. When you drive a car again, the first few times you’re likely to feel like your ‘Flinstoning’ your way through the streets. Been there, done that. However, there are still plenty of die-hard drivers who will not be dissuaded by the numbers at the pump.  Enter the 2012 Chevy Silverado- or not. Now for reasons only known to market researchers, sales for this particular truck model have been lagging compared to other trucks out there. Before I tear it apart, I will point out the positives on this vehicle.

Good selling points

Despite its shy exterior the 2012 Chevy Silverado does manage to offer some redeeming qualities. Comfortable seating, a practical control panel layout, and its prodigious handling and maneuverability for a truck this size adds to the selling points of the truck. Unfortunately these advantages are still not enough to resuscitate this once top seller.

Where it fails

I am terribly and unapologetically biased when it comes to most things Chevy. Although even I have to admit that commercials with a mud covered truck that is able to handle all forms of abuse are not enough anymore to make me want to buy it. And besides, I would not use it or abuse it that way either. I am not a farmer or a rancher, I just happen to love trucks. Has Chevrolet shifted its focus to cars and its line of SUVs, ignoring the much needed renovations that the truck it was once so famous for urgently needs? Whatever the case, the 2012 Chevy Silverado is due for an upgrade- the sooner the better. It may sound harsh but this model was dead on arrival. In my opinion there is only 1 truck out there better than the Silverado (and no it is not the Ford F-150), but you wouldn’t know it with Chevy’s insipid and timid attempts when carrying out the design on this vehicle.2012 Chevy Silverado Interior


Where is the bold and strong exterior design that is going to showcase this truck’s powerful Vortec 8 cylinder engine? Or its amazing stability control for a truck under less than perfect weather conditions? Where is the exterior design that is as impeccable as its interior? Whenever I see one driving down the street I look away in disappointment. Its maker did not do the 2012 Chevy Silverado any favors by rolling out the same stale and predictable design. A truck this powerful should look the part. Technically it is beautiful on the inside, but that is not going to compel consumers to fork over $30,000 for a crew cab model. The reality is a buyer is not going to (rightfully so) sacrifice or settle for one thing over another.



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