2012 Conquest Evade – For the Wealthy Person with Powerful Enemies

The Conquest Evade Is The Rich Man’s Personal Battle Tank!

Updated October 19, 2018

Nobody ever said security vehicles had to be pretty…but I sure wish someone would. The Russian made Prombron is a prime example of how just because a person has money, it doesn’t mean they have any class. Now there seems to be an increase in demand for high security SUV’s that make the Hummer look like Mini Me’s personal custom made truck. These trucks are enormous. Bus like. It’s hard to tell if things are heating up in the world to put such a demand on vehicles like this, or everything’s just status quo and now the supply is finally meeting the demand.

conquest evade 1

Enter the Canadian made fully armored security vehicle known as Conquest. The 2012 Conquest Evade will be the second vehicle model offered by the company. First came the Knight XV. It was debuted at the 2011 Top Marques Monaco event. It weighs in at roughly 14,000 pounds and towers over everything at 9 feet tall. The Evade model will be available in late 2012 and promises to be even more grand than the Knight XV. The Evade will share the same astronomical price range of anywhere between $490,000 to $800,000 and will be every bit as intimidating as it’s price tag.

conquest evade 2

The company owner, Bill Maizlin, has buyers from around the world, many of whom he can’t name. But he can certainly imply. There’s talk of a Sheik from the Middle East demanding immediate delivery of his vehicle and paying a $50,000 delivery charge for its expeditious arrival. And then of course there are the usual posers such as sports figures like Dwight Howard and reality show celebrity Pauly D of Jersey Shore who don’t require the security the Conquest provides so much as the attention grabbing showmanship. It has to be said it’s a tremendous waste of money for these people. The oil baron Sheik from the Middle East I understand. Bill Maizlin has said he’s refused making the truck for certain nefarious individuals, and to that I say bullshit. You don’t go into the business of manufacturing custom made armored vehicles at close to a million dollars a piece to not sell them. That is the sole purpose of these vehicles and it’s highly unlikely that some moral high ground is taken against anyone willing to shell out the cash for one. Besides it can also be argued that if you require a fully armored vehicle such as the Conquest you’re hardly an innocent party. No matter who you are. The 2012 Conquest Evade is for the wealthy person with powerful enemies.

conquest evade 3

Expect the 2012 Conquest Evade to come this fall.



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