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2012 Ford Edge- Uncomplicated and Fuel Efficient

Updated October 17, 2012

2012 Ford EdgeWhat did I love most about the 2012 Ford Edge? The fact that I didn’t have to view model after model after model, well you get the idea. It comes in four trim levels, which has got to be a record for a Ford vehicle. I mean choice is good, but you eventually get tired of playing mix n’ match- at least I did anyways.  This crossover doesn’t overwhelm you with countless variations of one thing or another, it is concise and direct. It is well priced and ready to rival the Chevrolet Equinox and maybe even the attractively rugged Dodge Durango. Ok, perhaps maybe not the Dodge Durango. Sure they both serve the same purpose, but compared side by side they both have such different personalities. Nonetheless, the 2012 Ford Edge has managed to work its way to the top and become one of Ford’s best-selling vehicles, even surpassing similar SUVs in its own manufacturing line such as the Explorer.

The Four Trim Levels Are All Aptly Priced And Well Equipped2012 Ford Edge Interior

While base models in some cars and trucks are a poor excuse for an economical vehicle, the 2012 Ford Edge makes an effort to reverse that trend. Right off the assembly line the SE trim comes with tinted windows, reclining back seats, and blind spot mirrors. Usually when purchasing the base model you are pretty much stuck with the standard features. However, Ford offers an optional convenience package, satellite radio, and the Sync system when you buy this crossover. In other vehicles you’re more likely to find these benefits on the second or third most expensive trim in the lineup. With a starting purchase price of $27,770 this SUV is ready for some serious competition. The Limited version builds on features offered on the SEL model ($31,080), with added standard extras that include 18” chrome wheels, HD radio, dual zone automatic climate control, and a leather wrapped steering wheel. Even at $34,900 at this stage the 2012 Ford Edge manages to remain competitive. If you want to experience the ultimate in comfort and don’t mind the $37,000 price tag, the Edge Sport is well outfitted to suit your needs and wants. Heated front seats, rearview camera, turn by turn navigation, and yes, leather seats. In addition you can continue to tailor your new acquisition with a panoramic sunroof, automatic wipers, and a back seat entertainment system.

2012 Ford Edge BodyGood Fuel Economy For A Crossover

The reality is not many SUVs can gloat about fuel efficiency. The 2012 Ford Edge manages a good average in this department. To further add to its appeal, you have the option to have it fitted with Ford’s popular EcoBoost engine. This alteration would still give you the engine power of a V6 even with just 4 cylinders. Foregoing this alternative won’t necessarily set you back as far as fuel economy goes. Assuming you get the front wheel drive option, its 3.5L, V6 engine gets an estimated 19 city/27 highway miles per gallon, adding to the value of the vehicle. Even when opting for all wheel drive the decrease in fuel efficiency is not that significant, and would only bring you down to 18 city and 25 highway mpg. Overall, the Edge manages to stay competitive in price and value when stacked against similar vehicles in its class.



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