2012 GMC Sierra 1500 Hybrid: V4 Fuel with V8 Power

Updated July 8, 2012

The GMC Sierra is and has been one of the most popular full sized pickup trucks used in the United States.  The new version of this released in 2012 with a hybrid fuelling system is absolutely amazing. It made a great first impression as soon as I began driving it. It’s automatic and seamless switching between electric and gas modes made it a wonderful ride. It was able to reach speeds of 30 mph on electric power alone. The 2012 GMC Sierra 1500 Hybrid provides great savings on fuel by employing the Electric-Gas hybrid system. It employs a 6 liter V8 engine with active fuel management and other performance-based upgrades that are available on the stock version. This enables the vehicle to run as a normal and economical V4 engine when a lot of power is not needed. The engine has a performance of 332 horse power and delivers 367 pound feet of torque. According to GM, the new V8 engine with hybrid dual mode provides an increase in fuel savings of up to 25% and also an increased mileage when compared to the old sierra 1500.

Most of the features of 2012 model are carried down from its previous 2011 version with a few notable additions. The new features which can be found in the 2012 version of Sierra 1500 include a new 3 bar chrome grill along with a two mode hybrid drive train. The transmission system is also upgraded to an electrically variable transmission which is driven by a 300 volt nickel hydride battery system. Electrically driven power steering is now much improved and feels much better. Furthermore, its hard drive based navigation and multimedia system is looking to become a national standard in the near future. Finally, GMC has included low resistance tires to every version of the truck.

Even when towing a trailer, this truck was able to reach speeds of 20mph solely on electric power running as a V4 engine. It provided me with an excellent ride quality which is a common theme among most of my favorite cars and trucks, possibly based on the fact that most are built by GM. It looks like they finally got the interior design on the Sierra right as well. It sports a simple design giving preference for larger controls and better door handles which is very basic, but sometimes simple is better. The new instrument panel is upgraded and looks smooth and simple. The materials and the design used are perfect for work duty.

Due to a change in the rating system of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the safety standards of this new model are a little low but are still better compared to its previous model. The GMC Sierra 1500 and the Chevrolet Silverado are the only two trucks to receive a four star rating from the NHTSA. It’s built with safety in mind, and the progress made from previous years has been dramatic. All GMC Sierra 1500’s come with a standard front seat/side impact air bags, electronic stability and traction control. Power adjustable pedals are good for shorter drivers but take away standard braking experience for normal drivers. Other safety features include four wheel anti-lock brakes. The downside of this truck is that it doesn’t serve as a value for money pickup truck.

The hybrid version of the truck isn’t going to be your best option if you want a low-cost truck. However, over time, especially if you put a lot of miles on your vehicles, you will be saving money due to the increased gas savings from the fuel efficient engine. At the end of the day, there are many options to consider if you’re looking to spend the $40,000 that the truck costs. I loved what I saw with the GMC Sierra 1500 hybrid, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the money. With other similar trucks coming at either low prices or with more features, GMC needs to keep coming with new improvements in order to compete with more popular trucks, such as the F-150 and Silverado.


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