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2012 Lancer Evolution – Not Your Parents Sedan

Published October 8, 2012

2012 Lancer EvolutionThe 2012 Lancer Evolution is the family sedan that performs like a sports car. Just about everything on the Lancer has been upgraded or changed… for the better. “It flat spanked the $85,000 Porsche and walked all over the little Lotus.” Edmunds’ Inside Line had to say, and with good reason as the 2012 Lancer Evolution is a welcome change to the family sedan line.

What you see is not what you get
When you first look at the 2012 Lancer Evolution there is nothing that really jumps out at you at first. It looks nice and solid, but it is just a family sedan after all, or is it? Start digging around the outside of the Lancer and you will quickly see that looks are very deceiving. Many of the features you would expect on a more expensive car can be found here. The 2012 Lancer Evolution is built to be lightweight and aerodynamic. The quick pick up from the engine and low drag from the body design give the Lancer a great sporty feel. 18 inch tires and extra wide fenders help with wind resistance and pull heat from the engine. The increase cooling of the engine helps with engine performance. The hood offers vents as well to help heat escape and pull cool air in through the turbocharger. So yes once you take a closer look you can quickly see that it might have the family sedan look, but the sports car style and handling are well displayed too.2012 Lancer Evolution Black and Red

Faster is better
On the outside of the 2012 Lancer Evolution you have a sleek body build for speed and handling, under that body you have All-Wheel Control and Brembo brakes for stopping power. It would only be common sense to bring all those things together with a massive 291 HP turbo MIVEC engine. The raw turbo engine might not win any awards for MPG averaging only 17 in town and 23 on the highway, but the pure power that it produces is remarkable. Combine that power with the Evolution’s Twin Clutch-Sportronic Shift Transmission and you’re nearly untouchable. The Twin Clutch-Sportronic Shift Transmission gives you the power of a manual gearbox with a super-fast automatic shifting mode. With a press of a button you can switch between 3 different driving modes giving you a world class feel and being able to customize your driving experience. (Yes remember when driving was fun?) With a rally racing background, the 2012 Lancer Evolution has world class handling to help tame those city streets.

2012 Lancer Evolution InteriorPackage deal
Starting under $35,000 the 2012 Lancer Evolution comes packed with a bunch of standard features. From the front and rear head airbags, daytime running lights, Stability and Traction Control, tire pressure monitoring and the passenger airbag occupant sensors. (Deactivating the airbag when no one is in the seat) Start tossing in the semi-bucket racing seats and the leather-wrapped sports steering wheel and it starts to feel more like a sports car then the family wagon. The Lancer stands out so much from the crowd it was awarded as a finalist in the world performance car of the year.

Never going to say good-bye
The Lancer is one of the best cars of 2012. Hands down the 2012 Lancer Evolution is beating other cars in its class with its great styling and outstanding performance. The price is perfect and offers a great bang for your buck. MPG could be better, but being that you’re getting a 5 passenger sedan that drives and handles like a 2 door sports car, the trade-off is pretty good. If you’re looking for a top shelf car and a bargain basement price, the Lancer is a perfect fit for you.



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