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2012 Lexus GS

Published August 2, 2012

Yes its a Lexus but that doesn’t mean its great. Not if you ask me, but let us check out why or why not this years model surpasses the 2011. No longer available with a V8 engine, the Lexus GS has been completely redesigned for 2013 and is available in just one trim: the GS 350. A V6 engine and automatic transmission transmit power to the rear wheels, though all-wheel drive is optional and I would certainly recommend it. Currently sitting in the 9th spot out of 15 cars on the luxury big cars list tells me maybe the downgrade and limited options haven’t worked out as well as they had hoped.

Although a very sleek and luxurious interior and wonderful handling have kept it among  the best in the world the variety is limited. who really wants to spend that kind of money on a car that anyone that else can afford is sure to be riding in a duplicate of yours. Not to mention bringing in a rating of only 8.2 leaves it behind a Hyundai genesis at 8.7. I find this sad being Lexus is strictly high-end luxury where Hyundai is just breaking into the market. Not saying there’s anything wrong with Hyundai just never imagined them even on the same list as Lexus let alone be rated higher.

Basically in this Lexus your getting the typical luxury inside and fancy gadgets but in my opinion there’s a down grade in drive train and from some research about the same handling. I suppose the V6 would save on your gas mileage not certain by how much really though, and lets be real when shelling out that kinda cash on a car is it not worth a few extra bucks in gas to keep the performance of the car?

So here is what luxury is getting you here, a little more trunk space and cabin space. Unless your throwing dead body’s in the trunk its not really storage and i have heard no complaints about room for passengers or drivers for the 2011 model. As they say, if its not broke don’t fix it.  At least if the V8 were still an option i believe the car would sell much more and the space would be much more appreciated. It would be an upgrade rather than a swap. Or here’s an idea why not lighten the car a bit then getting even better mileage and bumping up performance and handling even more.

Sad to say turn i feel Lexus really kinda took the easy way out this year. If your really that determined to own a Lexus save the money from buying new off the lot and stick with a gently used 2011. Well at least if your thinking to go with a GS model. Don’t get me wrong Lexus always makes quality i feel for this year they have been pretty stagnant.


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