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2012 Toyota Prius V – Is Everything You Would Expect

Published October 12, 2012

2012 Toyota Prius V FrontIt is a sporty car, and we all know that sporty is cool. Prius V is the perfect car for me. When I have some stuff to carry on my way to the gym or maybe my friend needs some help with moving, I know that I can definitely use this car. This is of SUV size but there is a big difference if we compare values in fuel economy. 40 mpg is enough for city driving so this hybrid is perfect. Prius V is more comfortable than the regular Prius in driving aspects. It doesn’t have any disturbing noises but sometimes, it can be quite slow and you will need some adjustments on driving. When driving at highways, you do need to step on the accelerator to conquer the highways.


Great Features2012 Toyota Prius V Interior

Among the great features of this hybrid are the great mileage, there is also a big cargo space which makes it an ideal family car, the smart key, high definition radio. My favorite is the Bluetooth phone and iPod/iPhone connectivity. I no longer have to look for my cds, I just need to plug and play my phone. If ever I get a chance to buy this car, it would be very ideal and convenient for me. It is also a quiet ride. There is also the voice control navigation which is very high-tech and I think that it is user-friendly. A little studying will do. You’d never guess all these great features if you look from the outside, like the big cargo space for example. There are also very nice reclining rear seats and lots of legroom. The iPod/iPhone integration automatically plays music by the time you plug it in so sometimes it shocks you. But those are some glitches which can be corrected. The one I checked out is an orange one. For me, it’s pretty cool and evens the rest of the colors that they offer.


2012 Toyota Prius VImprovement points

A review is not enough with simply reviewing but not suggesting what a certain product can improve on right? So here are some things that can be improved with Prius V. For the driver’s seat, would prefer it to be less sensitive so as not to feel the bumps on the road. More cup holders. I am not sure of the standard size for that but I hope that cup holders would fit the bottom of a 1 liter container. Also, a suggestion for the navigation screen is to show the current speed limit. This information is very useful for the driver.

The Toyota Prius is not that luxurious compared to the Toyota Avalon but it looks like a car and SUV rolled into one, so that’s pretty cool. It’s also a great family car because of the comfortable seats which can be ideal for children and the spacious cargo area, great for vacations. In terms of the driving comfort, it is average because they could still improve on driver’s seat structure, make it softer. Generally, this car is quite good.



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