2013 Acura NSX

The Acura NSX 2013 Model Looks Amazing!

Updated October 21, 2018

One of the most encouraging things about the 2013 Acura NSX is that it will be built in Ohio. The NSX had people buzzing at the North American International Auto Show. We now know that all conceptual design and engineering work has been surrendered to the Acura’s Center of Research and Development in Raymond, Ohio. There it will finish its engineering and production development.

acura nsx 2013 3

The 2013 Acura NSX will feature all-wheel drive. It seems Acura is perhaps taking a cue from its rival Audi. In tradition of the Acura NSX the 2013 model will feature a mid-mounted V6 engine. However Acura will be introducing a 7-speed transmission integrated with all around independent electric motors to drive all four wheels. Acura seems bent on taking their supercar to all new heights. From a full stop the power of the 2013 NSX will press you into your seat like a fat dude just sat on you. But power in this car is a given. Perhaps the greatest advantage will go to control. Two independent motors on the front axle of a rear wheel car translates to the motors being independently controlled which gives the NSX maximum handling and grip while cornering despite the road conditions. Acura is also introducing regenerative braking while turning increasing efficiency.

acura nsx 2013 2

The NSX will be pushing the boundaries of the supercar and certainly giving its competitors something to sit up and take notice of. The time, technology and innovation that is invested in cars such as the NSX eventually find their way trickling down to the more modest versions of the everyday production cars. And that is the entire point to these spoiled supercars we fawn and fuss over. These high end supercars are focused on a very narrow demographic. They are expensive toys for the very wealthy or the primary tool of a professional racing team. But us little people don’t really seem to mind. We’re happy on the sidelines of the track watching this car fly by. Young kids have posters of them up on their walls or as wallpaper background on their computer screens. We don’t mind coming to a sudden stop on the sidewalk so we can stare at them as they go by and appreciate them for all their grace and power. Much to the driver’s disappointment, us little people could give a flying hairy set of flaming balls who is driving the car. A so called One Percenter would be wise to drive an Acura NSX all the time because it’s the one time there may be given second thought to throwing rotten eggs and used toilet paper at them. We don’t stare on in jealousy, mainly because its out of our imagination the kind of money and influence a person must have to find themselves driving the likes of the 2013 Acura NSX.

acura nsx 2013 1

But we’d love to be given the chance. So we live vicariously by watching races and going to autoshows to get as close as possible too the supermodels of the car world like the NSX.



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