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2013 Boss 302 Mustang: Expectations Met

Updated August 11, 2012

Ford just raised the standard in car-manufacturing. By introducing two wacky colors, a school-bus shaded yellow and a lime green speed machine. If any other product marketed their products like Ford, it would be a failure. Ford can use the highly popular and adored brand Mustang while using unorthodox marketing strategies and have it work. Would you lust after an ironing board cover in ‘Gotta have it green’? Or an insulated cup in ‘Grabber blue’? No, close your eyes and shudder! Ford manages to not only make their new productions cool, but they actually take customer input and feedback into utilization. It all ends up as one: The. Boss. 302.

For 2013, Ford has raised the bar on their steadfast, powerful and lusty track car – the classic Mustang Boss 302 – so high you could drive a double decker bus under it, and still stand on the roof. The catch? It’s all cosmetic. Let me quote Mustang’s chief engineer, Dave Pericak:

“Everything we did for 2013 is consistent with and links directly back to our 1970 heritage. The reflective stripes and hockey stick graphic in particular mean something to Mustang enthusiasts. Last year, we proved the car had what it takes to perform, and this year we focused on enhancing its eye-catching looks and celebrating its history.”

So it’s all about the ‘posing’ value then? No. Don’t be fooled by the sexy and distinctive design. What hasn’t changed is as desirable as what has.

The power house engine is still a honking 5.0 liter V8, and the brakes are still the neat looking four-piston Bembos so up for the job of stopping the 444 horse powered engine. And yes, it still produces that divine throb thanks to its “Unique side and rear exit quad exhaust “, as Ford labels it. Their excitement knows no bounds. As you would expect, it utilizes a fully electronic six speed manual transmission, a must have for any true Mustang lover. The seamless transition from gear to gear make driving the Boss 302 as much of a rewarding experience as looking at it from the outside.

Like its predecessors, the 2013 Boss 302 is only available for 2 years, and has the disadvantage of the celebratory edition hot on its heels in 2014, Mustang turns 50 year old. But really, how much better can a 21st century muscle car get? While many of us think that there’s possibly not something else Ford can do for future editions, as technology keeps getting more and more advanced, cars will too.

The Boss 302 is an important part of American history. It defined Mustang at a very early stage, and gave part to the popularity and dominance that Mustang has over American muscle cars, even to this date. The Camaro has always been lagging one step behind, and Ford managed to reinvent the car, keep the immortal heritage that Boss 302 brings, and infiltrate it with a contemporary look, inside and out. I give all my props to Ford. You could sense from many years ago that the Boss 302 would be brought back, but nobody knew exactly what to expect. Even with unknown expectations, it’s safe to assume that Ford and Mustang were able to go beyond them!




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