2013 Camaro – 45 years plus one

Updated September 19, 2012

After celebrating its 45th year of production in 2012, the 2013 Camaro will carry on the tradition.  Even after 45 years, their number one competitor is still the Ford Mustang, but diehard Camaro fans will remain true to the brand. They also gear a lot of their advertising toward the next generation of Camaro enthusiasts to assure they are around for another 45 years. The 2013 Camaro will also be available in trim levels for those with a smaller wallet, but still want a modern muscle car. For 2013, there are not many changes, but a 2013 ZL1 convertible will be available. 

2013 camaro2013 Camaro LS

The 2013 Camaro LS, starting at $25,000, makes it an affordable muscle car for anyone. Whether you choose the 6spd manual or automatic transmission, it does not matter, it is still a Camaro. Under the hood is a 3.6-liter 323hp v6, which is amazingly fuel efficient with an EPA estimated 18 mpg city/29 highway. For being the base trim of the line, the 2013 Camaro LS features 18” steel wheels and a stainless steel dual exhaust accented with polished tips. All the creature comforts such as power windows and power door locks are standard as well as steering wheel mounted cruise control and Bluetooth availability.  You also get the safety of the OnStar system free for the first six months with navigation and SiriusXM radio for three months free. The only choice you really have to make when it comes to a 2013 Camaro LS is what color you look good in, and they have quite a few to choose from. 

2013 Camaro LT 

Next in line is the 2013 Camaro LT. The LT starts at about $30,000, and offers a few more options than the LS, but is still an affordable sports car. The 2013 Camaro LT is also powered by a 3.6-liter 323hp v6 engine as well. Even though there are additions to the LT that add just a slight increase in weight, it still has some very acceptable gas mileage at 17 mpg city/28 highway.  It is equipped with the same stainless steel exhaust with polish tips, but features 18” painted wheels instead. You will still get all the base creature comforts along with the OnStar and SiriusXM radio, but you will be enjoying them from sport cloth six-way powered driver and passenger seats instead. If you want to upgrade your 2013 Camaro LT just a little, you can opt for the 19” silver painted aluminum wheels, leather seats and a four gauge auxiliary cluster on the dash. It also features the safety of the Head-Up Display (HUD), previously only offered in high-end sports cars. The addition of a Boston Acoustics premium nine-speaker sound system and five USB ports provide connection for your iPod or smartphone to personalize the sound of your Camaro experience. 

2013 camaro concept2013 Camaro SS

For those looking for a true v8 muscle car that will not break the bank, the 2013 Camaro SS is the car you are looking for. Starting at around $42,000, it starts getting a little more expensive, but is still a small price to pay for a true American muscle car. It is powered by a 6.2-liter 426-hp v8, the heart of a true muscle car. For what you gain in power over the v6, you do lose a little in gas mileage of course. The 2013 Camaro SS still gets an EPA estimated 16 mpg city/24 highway, which for a big 6.2-liter v8 is not very horrible. There are some nice exterior enhancements including 20” silver painted aluminum wheels, a color-coded rear spoiler, and front and rear fascias featuring the SS logo. For looks and for safety the 2013 Camaro SS features heavy-duty four-piston vented disc brakes as well as a limited slip rear differential. The interior features SS logo embroidered seats also available in leather, driver and front passenger power seats and steering wheel mounted cruise control. The 2013 Camaro SS also features Bluetooth availability, OnStar, and SiriusXM Radio. It can also be upgraded to add the Head-Up Display for safety, a four-gauge auxiliary instrument cluster, a premium nine speaker sound system and 5 USB ports for your iPod or smartphone. The 2013 Camaro SS not only provides the muscle of a v8, but also makes a statement with its SS emblazoned fascias and seats. 

2013 Camaro ZL1 camaro coupe 2013

The 2013 Camaro ZL1 is the biggest and baddest Camaro you can buy. Although they start at $58,000, they are still almost half the price of a Corvette Z07, with only about 60hp less. This beast is powered by a 580hp, yes, that is 580hp, 6.2-liter Gen IV v8 supercharged small block. With all this power, yes, your fuel efficiency suffers, but with 580hp at your disposal, gas mileage usually is not your first concern. Even with the monster engine, the 2013 Camaro ZL1 still gets an EPA estimated 14 mpg city/19 highway.  They come standard with a Tremec 6spd manual transmission, but for those who do not drive a manual, an automatic transmission is also available.  It features the safety of four-wheel disc brakes with ABS with six-piston fixed aluminum front and four-piston rear calipers to stop the forged 20” wheels. The 2013 Camaro ZL1 is also built to hold the road with electronic stability control, brake assist and traction control as well as a rear vision camera system not only for safety, but to watch everyone you pass. The interior of the 2013 Camaro ZL1 is also packed with amenities. Inside you will find microfiber seats with classic red stitching, heated, power driver and passenger seats, leather wrapped steering wheel and color-coded floor mats. You also get a laundry list of electronic comforts such as Bluetooth, premium 245-watt sound system, USB ports, OnStar and SiriusXM Radio. From under the hood to the tires touching the ground, the 2013 Camaro ZL1 is the ultimate in power and comfort, without a huge price tag. 

No matter what 2013 Camaro fits your taste or wallet; it is still the iconic American muscle car it has been for 45 years. For those with a smaller budget you can still have a powerful muscle car that is still good on gas. For those who want the top of the line with every possible option, the 2013 Camaro SS provides you with anything you want with an incredible amount of horsepower. Above all, not only are they a muscle car, they are safe, as they have all received some of the highest ratings available. The 2013 Camaro represents the 46th year of American muscle and Chevrolet makes them attainable to everyone.

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