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2013 Chevy Volt

Published July 14, 2012

I’m not the type of guy who will write on these type of cars much, but I am intrigued by the Volt.

What could give you more surprise when a distant dream of yours come to true in all of a sudden. I experienced that excitement when I got an opportunity to have an up-close look to the wonderful Chevy machine the Chevy Volt. While I was able to test the 2013 version, this article is about the upcoming 2013 version of the Volt. It was a sunny day in the morning (later got some rain) when I touched that dream car. I already have gone through some review after I got an appointment to interact with that extraordinary engineering marvel. However, the beauty was beyond the expected.
The design is peculiar, as it resembles the 2012 Volt. However, a number of changes make the 2013 Chevy volt stronger; I am attracted by its higher battery capacity of 16.5 Kw/H. It will give the threshold to move almost 38 Km without igniting its premium fuels with a total of 380 miles. The interesting fact is that, Chevrolet never changed the battery size but the internal power to get an advanced caliber. I was not surprised, because I already experienced the power of the 2012 version. When I hold the steering, I felt the softness of the leather. Yes, the 2013 Chevy volt is coming with a comfort package, which includes leather wrapped steering and front seat heating.
The horsepower and torque remains the same 149 hp, providing a torque of 273 lb-ft. The balance and smoothness remain even when I acquired maximum acceleration. The addition of hold mode in the driver mode control switch will surely help the driver to hold some battery charge while a city drive, by switching to gasoline mode. In my view, it is an added advantage as it helps to know about the power usage of the car from different sources. Another feature I liked is the charger code. The increased length of this 120-volt charger is convincing. I can feel some difference in the seat as it acquired a new look. It is pretty looking good when the pebble beige leather seats got suede inserts and dark agent accents. Unlike the previous versions, the 2013 model has same colored roof and body. I liked it and was wondering how it will feel to the traditional volt lovers.
Chevy 2013 volt received an upgraded safety system. They are equipped with front and back parking assistance, collision alerts, rear vision cameras and rear dimming inside the rear-view mirror. The premium rear package includes the removable rear seat armrest. In my view, the armrest is a good addition. As I am a technocrat, I heartily welcome the new entertainment systems integrated with advanced navigation. They are The SirusXM travel radio with travel link, RDS (Radio data system) and GPS with color touch screen LED..
The rest of the features are same like previous version. The main negative point is the absence of E85 flex fuel integrated engines, which was expected to be in the Chevy Volt 2013. Comparing to the previous versions the all-new 2013 Chevy volt is much powerful and systematic.
With a single drive, I am in love with this car. However, for a first few times, you may feel this car like a new electric gadget with much functionality. It will be a splendid experience to explore each new feature of this vibrant car; personally, I loved it so much.




Calvin Escobar
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