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2013 Citroen DS5

Published July 25, 2012

It’s a shame we can’t get a Citroen here in North America. You can get them pretty much anywhere else in the world. But not here. And it’s a shame because DS5 is one sweet car. They have other great cars but the DS5 is particularly great. Its sexy an stylish and innovative in a way that some many other cars in its class just aren’t. Kind of like French women in bed. Only the DS5 won’t turn on you like a rabid viper and try to kill you. French bitches be crazy.

The Citroen DS5 comes in a diesel hybrid and is likely the model worth discussing. There is a huge movement in the auto industry in the hybrid direction, but it must be noted that it is the European car manufacturers that insist on the diesel and for added economics and increased raw power for small engines. It seems that the American market is not terribly keen on diesel engines for the most part probably due to the archaic stigma attached to their odd noise and smell. But Citroen and Peugeot combined resources and minds alike and developed a diesel hybrid system that is nothing short of fabulous.

Here’s what they’ve done. They’ve combines a 161hp two liter turbo diesel that powers the front wheels and a 36hp electric motor for the rear wheels. The result is a permanent four-wheel-drive situation running at a total 200hp. This is a unique combination because it’s all-weather capability together with high performance and low emissions makes it a truly rounded out and balanced car. The driver can switch modes. Choosing between sport, 4×4 or fully electric. Then there is the auto setting that switches according to the feedback from the road conditions. Obviously its four wheel drive is not meant to compete with the any serious competitor just as the sport mode isn’t exactly going to keep up with a Ferrari in any way shape or form. But the modes are there for a sensible driver who wants or needs that little bit more from their car. And of course there’s loads of room in the DS5 as there is up to 16.5 cubic feet of cargo space available.

It’s a mystery, the fact that Citroen isn’t in North America. Perhaps it was the incredibly oddball designs they’ve been inclined to produce. Strange and eclectic fun for those oddball Europeans. Maybe it was the whole 9/11 fiasco that led so many to scorn anything French and exchange the word French for Freedom. However that was a big backfire since in order to refer to the actual French they would have to call them Freedom. Freedom people. Maybe it is in typical French fashion that they have scorned us for no apparent or sensible reason beyond it was in their mood that day. One way or the other we need to sort this out and get Citroens to North America because they are making some fun cars.



Calvin Escobar
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