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2013 Ferrari Enzo Hybrid

Updated February 8, 2017

The Ferrari Enzo is a racing icon. It has always set the standard for the latest design and technology engineering for Ferrari. The Enzo’s exhaustive research and racing experience has provided Ferrari with valuable proven practical lessons for a very long time. And now the Enzo has taken a step into the next realm. The 2013 Ferrari Enzo Hybrid will combine the power of two electric motors with the traditional and classic 12 cylinder gas engine. It will produce more horsepower than any Ferrari before it while at the same time cutting fuel consumption by a staggering 40 percent.

Ferrari is not exactly leading the field by introducing this ecologically conscious technology but it will definitely be showing its competitors a thing or two with its first ever hybrid supercar. Ferrari knows that Ferrari drivers and purists first focus is power and technology so they certainly won’t be disappointed. But now they will be able to have that feel good sensation down deep in their belly that their Ferrari is now not contributing quite as extensively to ripping that hole in the ozone layer. And the more supercar models are available the tighter the emissions rules squeeze. Which is understandable considering that it’s been projected that hybrid supercar sales will jump from 100 in 2012 to over 2,100 by 2015. Porsche is already at it with its new 918 Spyder. They’ve combined a 500-horsepower engine with two 218-horsepower electric motors giving the 918 a top speed of more than 199 miles per hour. So competition is stiff.

But Ferrari is concerned with not compromising the fundamental character of their legendary cars. Their approach with the hybrid technology was to not only drastically reduce emissions but enhance the power and experience of the Enzo. Ferrari has said to have enhanced the power of their famous V12 by 10 percent . Further technology applied will also augment its torque vectoring system, traction control, and brake force distribution And of course the braking system recovers all that kinetic stopping energy and routes it back to charge the batteries.

Ferrari’s wealth of F1 expertise has enabled them to meet the challenge of ‘managing the marriage of electric power to an internal combustion engine’. Ferrari’s new system for the Enzo consists of a rear-mounted electric motor that assists the mid-mounted V12 and a second electric motor at the front with the sole purpose of providing power to various ancillaries such as power steering and air con and so on.

The Ferrari Enzo Hybrid’s Lithium ion batteries sit low in the chassis and, although this technology makes for an additional 100kg to the car’s overall weight, Ferarri insists that weight distribution is an optimal priorty. Ferrari isn’t telling us much about the performance numbers regarding their new Enzo Hybrid, but they do tell us it’s reduced its 0-124mph time by 10 percent. But with the hybrid infusion they’ve cut their emissions by a remarkable 40 percent. So it will be blisteringly fast with astoundingly and uncharacteristically low CO2 emissions. When pressed for actual emissions numbers Ferrari made coy comments that it would would be higher than a Fiat Panda but lower than any Ferrari to this point. That’s a pretty wide gap since the Fiat Panda produces as little as 131.6g/km.

Ferrari excels at the challenge of demands for lower emissions and other challenges buyers made put upon them, but it’s not likely in the near future Ferrari would make a full electric car. They’re far too attached to the sound of their traditional and classic 12 cylinder. But as time marches on change becomes inevitable and one day Ferrari just might produce a fully electric supercar. And it will blow all of our minds.



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