2013 Ferrari FF

What’s The Difference Between The 2013 And 2012 Ferrari FF?

Updated October 21, 2018

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We tend to be skeptical when exotic car companies such as Ferrari produces a car outside their typical range such as the FF. The purist in us wonders if it is possible for a car such as the FF to be as quintessential as any other Ferrari. Surely there are models outside such exotic car manufacturers brand that have been epic fails. Such as the Aston Martin Cygnet or the Lamborghini Conquisto. But then Porsche exceeds everyone’s expectations with cars such as the Cayenne and the Panamera. And now Ferrari has done a branding reboot with the incredibly stylish FF.

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The double F in the 2013 Ferrari FF stands for four seating and four wheel drive. Which is a all around first for Ferrari. But can it be a proper Ferrari? Considering the car runs at 600hp the traction for an all wheel drive car weighing almost two tons is nothing short of remarkable. The FF is designed for touring and road trips, not necessarily speeding about. But this car is more than capable of handling virtually anything you can throw at it. The FF is just as ready and eager to perform as any Ferrari you can imagine. Also there’s been a concentrated effort to quiet the car inside the cabin. The only down side to that is you don’t get much of that satisfaction of engine roar inside the car. The words practicality and Ferrari haven’t had a tendency to go together very well up until now but the FF changes all of that. At the back is a hatch with a surprising amount of cargo room.

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The FF is most definitely a proper Ferrari. It covers all the bases in power, handling grip and cornering. And there are no compromises made to the driving experience of a Ferrari. Ferrari has accomplished everything they wanted with the FF. It’s them stepping outside the comfort zone of their brand and discovering the challenge is immensely awarded with a slightly more practical and versatile automobile. The 2013 Ferrari FF is an extraordinary car. Its direct competitor is would be the Porsche Panamera and the choice would be tough for anyone in the market for this class of car. In the end it will boil down to preference between German versus Italian engineering and design. And then there are those who may be forced to choose with the flip of a coin.



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