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2013 Fiat Grande Punto

Published July 11, 2012

While everyone is concentrating on the Fiat 500 the Grande Punto is the car that’s turning heads in Europe. Mostly we’re not aware of this little hot rod in North America because Fiat is only pimping the little puddle jumping 500 model at us. For some reason they’re keeping the Grande Punto all to their own. Which seems a little selfish if you ask me.

The 2013 Fiat Grande Punto is a compact three door hatchback that measures in a little bigger than the 500 making it just a tad more versatile as far as passenger and cargo capacity goes. It’s much along the lines of the coming Dodge Stinger or the Ford Fiest hatchbacks. The Grande Punto would likely wipe the floor with them as it comes available with a 1.9 liter Multijet2 turbocharged diesel. This finely tuned little power package manages 130hp and roughly 236 lbs of torque. It will clock in a top speed of 190km per hour but it takes just about 10 seconds for it to reach 100km per hour. But it’s all about the low end for the Grande Punto. It’s a smooth engine with a little bit of growl that shows lots of ambition and enthusiasm. This is definitively a city car made for quick starts and easy stops and effortless maneuverability. It’s designed to be a fun little car with endless after market possibilities but even stock the Grande Punto makes for a very enjoyable driving experience. Although there is considerable engine noise at high rpm’s, but again, this is a city car.

From the curb this is a quaint and sporty looking little car with a timeless appeal. Charming is the word that comes to mind. The interior is very modern and quite similar to the 500. The dash is comprehensively packed with an impressive display and control panels. As with most things truly Italian the 2013 Grande Punto scores very high on style and fashion points. There’s a rich feel to this car despite its small stature.

It stands to reason the Fiat is keeping the 2013 Grande Punto out of the North American market. It seems that we’re saturated with an abundance of small cars right now. Also our cities aren’t designed like so many of the old cities in Europe or India and Asia where the Grande Punta is available. They have overcrowded narrow streets and even more limited parking to deal with. Fiat seems comfortable only marketing 500 in North America for its uniqueness and also its direct competition to the like of the Mini or even an alternative to the micro sized Smart Car.

But being North American we can’t help but feel like we’re being snubbed a little by Fiat. Because we get whatever we want, whether we need it or not.



Calvin Escobar
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