2013 Ford F250

Published April 7, 2013

There are three kinds of people in this world: those who like pickup trucks, those who do not like pickup trucks and those who still do not know that they like pickup trucks. Since you are reading this article, then you are more than likely in the first group or maybe the third, because no one would waste their time reading about something they hate. Ford is among the world’s leading trucking manufacturers, holding the record of leading the sales of such trucks for consecutive 60 years. This company is truly a pioneer when it comes to pickup trucks. All in all, they are masters in every major feature of pickup trucks. If you are looking for the best pickup truck currently on the market, then you should consider getting the new F250 model from 2013.


Basic Features

Same as the athletes in the competitions for the strongest man in the world, the entries in the pickup truck segment are doing everything they can in order to outperform their rivals. This class is small, yet very competitive. Bristling with utility and functionality, the new 2013 Ford F250 blends refinement, power and world-class gadgetry. It represents a fully-rounded package, but it still has a gentle side with a quiet cabin for comfortable seating that has many modern amenities in order to make the road life easier. For the commercial owner or the hard worker, there are plenty of available packages and options, so that they can tailor the F250 according to their needs. This model, however, is mainly for hauling or towing heavy loads.

Performance and Powertrains

The ride that Ford F250 offers is stiff and snappy, and also better than the ride of its competitors. The F250 comes equipped with AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control, and the system combines selective wheel braking and reduced power of the engine. This model features a 6.2 liter V8 engine which produces 405lb-ft of torque and 385hp. For better and upgraded performance, the manufacturer offers the 6.7 liter V8 diesel (turbocharged) engine which produces 400hp and 800lb-ft of torque. All drive-train and engine options, 4WD and RWD, are combined with the TorqShift six-speed SelectShift transmission, which is specifically designed in order to handle more torque. The other features include fifth wheel hitch kit, 18” wheels, roof clearance lights, power equipment, remote start system, rearview camera AM/FM radio and a CD/MP3 player.

Other Features

The safety is comprised of front airbags, traction control, curtain airbags, trailer sway control, advanced stability control, hill start assist and descent control, antilock braking, tire pressure monitoring and electronic locking rear differential. The interior is done nicely in a rugged and refined color cloth with back accents and patterned seats. In comparison with its competition, 2013 F250 is quieter, with road and wind noise that has been noticeably silenced. Other heavy-duty pickup trucks have jittery ride, which is not the case with this model. The F250 is the only truck which is trusted by the University of Michigan Crew Team, showing its amazing strength, reliability and power.




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