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2013 Ford Raptor

2013 Ford Raptor is the future of trucks

Updated October 23, 2018

So here we are, on another inspiring installment of  Now normally I would be joining my fellow writers, and be writing about a sleek, sexy sports car, or exotic, but not this time. I”m going to still honor the premise of power, and speed, just in a different format. The format being bigger, wider, and a lot more “Bad Ass” than what you’re normally used to and the 2013 Ford Raptor is everything you could ask for.

2013 ford raptor 1

Today’s format or platform if you will is the 2013 Ford Raptor.  Yes folks, we are so stepping out of the box with this one.  In 2009 the Ford Motor Company was still feeling the crunch of a dwindling economy, and where looking for a new way to bring some life back into their truck line. The F-150 was a best selling truck, but it was way overdue for a total makeover. The engineers at Ford broke out the clay and began to change the way the current 2009 F-150 looked. By rounding off the front fascia, making it wider, changing the stance, and then opting for the two door treatment the F-150 Raptor was created.

The Raptor’s due date was set for 2010, and the automotive community was a buzz with frenzy. The haters were severely skeptical, by calling the Raptor, the new Lightning, while others were tingling with schoolgirl joy to see and hear the Raptor for the first time. The Raptor made a strong debut at the SEMA show in 2010, with it’s standard lifted suspension, 35” BFG’s, and 375hp motor it was a site to behold.  Bad Ass, was an understatement for this truck, especially for the fact that all of its OFF-Road prowess came as standard options.

2013 ford raptor 2

As time progressed the Raptor’s name began to catch on, and become a little more familiar with the truck community.  So much so that the families who live in the mid-west, that normally own a truck, and a 2dr car have found themselves trading in that 2dr car for a 2dr Raptor. Starting around $42,000 dollars, this beast was a very attractive catch to have. Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, not even Nissan had nothing in their stables that could even come remotely close to what the Raptor has to offer.  For the past two years the Ford Raptor has steadily been tested in various driving situations. Such as severe off-roading challenges, desert style races, and even simple auto-cross style races. Hell, even the guys of Top Gear USA, have put this Raptor through its paces. Fast forwarding to 2012, the Raptor was brought back into the designing room, and was once again retooled for the masses to drool over. With its new long travel suspension upgrades, (courtesy of FOX Racing Suspension) HID headlights, a bead lock rim option for those who like to crawl, some more overhead light treatments, and 4 more engine options, the 2013 Ford Raptor is still the truck for enthusiast driver.

As we already know the 2013 Ford Raptor is in a class all it’s own, it has been tested, driven, beat up, punished, raced, and even put through it’s paces in the Baja circuit. All one person has to do, would be a make a decision, and at some point it just might be a very hard one at that. No, I’m not talking about the color you want, but whether you want the 2dr or 4dr version. Because if you think about it, everybody loves a good drive, but that drive becomes more enjoyable when your family is involved. Thanks for reading.


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