2013 GMC Sierra 3500HD Review

Published April 15, 2013

When the engineers and designers thought of a vehicle that was capable of getting things done in a stylish way, they brought their heads together and delivered the ultimate heavy duty truck dubbed GMC Sierra 3500HD. The Sierra was originally envisioned to be a vehicle that prioritized the efficiency over style, until its designers decided that it was time to stop the sacrifice of the style and comfort and drew the original design that surpassed everyone’s expectations. This gentle giant has a strength aptitude of 22,600 lbs maximum tow capacity and a cabin filled with state of the art gadgets that make it resemble an airplane cockpit. The latest 2013 model is powered by an exceptionally efficient 6.0 liter engine from the V8 generation, which generates 322 horsepower and unbelievable 380 pounds of torque. However, the General Motors Corporation pushed the bars high with their increased performance 6.6 liter V8 turbocharged diesel engine capable of yielding 765 pounds of torque and 397 horsepower.

The General Motors Corporation philosophy that yielded the new Sierra 3500HD

It is no secret that General Motors Corporation has been built around their ‘never say never’ philosophy, and that very same philosophy is responsible for the deliverance of this professional grade vehicle. The 2013 GMC Sierra 3500HD is built to impress, to show its presence on the road and get things done in a smooth manner. The General Motors Corporation believes that this truck is even more capable than its outer presence proves to the onlookers. However, its engineers refused to sacrifice the ride quality for its competence, thereby they brought their A game. They reinforced the body of the truck with chrome bumpers and accents and the grilles are also equipped with high quality chrome surround; all on account of providing the consumers with hydro-formed, sturdy and fully boxed steel frame that uses its highest level steel strength to proliferate the structural rigidity and deliver shaking-, bending- and twisting-free vehicle body. In addition to these benefits, the reinforced and redesigned body increases the noise reduction insulation and delivers smooth driving dynamic.


The ‘airplane cockpit’ interior

The one aspect of the vehicle that ensures increased work efficiency in any kind of venture engagement is the gadgets-filled cockpit interior. The increased efficiency is a fruit of the synchronized technology that enables the driver to sync his own personal and work gadgets with the Bluetooth technology, the SiriusXM satellite radio as well as the latest word of technology navigation systems. In favor of providing the highest road safety for the individuals who are present in the vehicle, GMC incorporated the patented StabiliTrak control system of stability, the OnStar9 system for vehicle diagnostics and other safety services as well as the full curtain airbag systems.


The price of the Sierra 3500HD2013 GMC

The standard model of the 2013 Sierra 3500HD comes with a price tag 32,000 dollars, yet the fully equipped model with suspension height adjustment availability reaches a price of 51,000 dollars. For further information on the additional features of the 2013 GMC Sierra 3500HD and engine transmission versions, contact the nearest official General Motors Corporation retailer or their main headquarters.




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