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2013 Honda Civic: Is it a bust?

Published July 29, 2012

The redesigned Honda Civic 2013 shows improvements upon it’s predecessor in lots of ways, making sure it’ll remain a top selling compact, however the car does have its solid competition. One similarity they kept was the availability of all models such as coupe sedan EX or LX or the high performance SI we all love so much. Oh yea and they also come in hybrid which is only available as a sedan. Also keep your eyes out for the GX sedan to return later from the design year, with plans to expand its accessibility nationwide initially.

Although the car has great reviews based on newer technology and upgrades to go with the heightened gas mileage some people feel the outer design was not in need of change just yet. Personally i think its great. Though the bod dimensions remained the same they put the 2013 on a slightly smaller wheel base. Which i feel would take a bit of smoothness from the  ride seeing as the did not lower the car at all.

One thing that may aid in control of the vehicle though is the precision electrical power steering. Surprisingly not much was said about the car good or bad after test drives about handling. Test drivers were actually more surprised at how quite and comfortable it is inside the cabin and the ability to block the noise from rainy tires. They did say however there is much more body roll then you plan to see out of a civic which could be dangerous on slippery roads. This again coming from a shorter wheel-base.

The conventional drivetrain changes for 2013 are minimal, a minimum of in writing. Honda Civic engine is really a 1.8 liter four cylinder, and both five speed manual and automatic transmissions can be found. The Si has got the biggest bump, having a switch from the 2.0 liter four cylinder to some 2.4-liter (technically 2.35-liter) that hooks up to a six-speed manual tranny. I feel they all should have six-speed automatic or stick just better control and 5-speed is quickly making its way out in other companies.

Being a fan of honda it pains me to say i think this one is a step back for honda. Other than if you were to go with an Si. Even then i would say just go grab the new Toyota Celica which will out perform and out class the Honda Civic and is just as reasonably priced. Oh well Honda theres always next year right? I would say this car has not been overhauled or re-designed just a few tweaks not all of which were tweaked the right direction. The bigger Si motor is about all that excited me about this car.



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