2013 Honda Civic Type-R

Let’t Take A Closer Looks At The Honda Civic Type R 2013

Updated September 3, 2018

Honda We Need To Talk, I Caught You Civic Not Even Pleasing Itself

2013 Honda Civic Type R 1

Last week E. Honda called me up and said that he was finally giving up street fighting and finally got tired of pummeling Acura Legends. He finally swallowed his pride and went back to his dads’ little car company Honda and took a job in the P.R. department. Well E. Honda and I go way back when I was once throwing blue flaming balls at him but now we keep in touch and he was telling me about the new upcoming Honda Civic Type-R. I asked if it was going to be based on the current snoozefest that is the Civic Si. He stated that the U.S. market will still get the Civic Si as Honda wants to sell salvaged Civic Type-R parts to American kids for 400% markup. So then we looked at what was coming.


2013 Honda Civic Type R 2

2013 Honda Civic Type-R Hatchback Specs

It looks as though the Civic Type-R will be a hatchback like the European model although this has still not been completely confirmed but Honda has witnessed its lack luster sales of the Si and we think they have finally come to the realization that we need the Hatchback. Some of Honda’s Brass thinks they need to continue on with the current coupe style and I say fine, bring them both. Call the hatchback a Honda FUPA Type-Ah for all I care. The fact is that the 2013 Honda Civic Type-R is likely only going to max out around 210 hp and although they fixed the puny torque and brought it up, there are just too many other cars vying for boy racers.


Honda Civic Type R 3

 2013 Honda Civic Type-R Price

So this is what I ask of Honda, bring the 2013 Civic Type R to American in hatchback form and give us a direct injected 2.4 L that has the old RDX twin scroll turbo that delivers 280 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque. Then we will all rejoice and come running at you with money in hand. Who cares, make the Si with 210 hp but give us pimple faces a halo Civic that is more than a bodykit. In real world terms it looks as though 210 hp is as high as we are going to get as Honda will drag continue to leave all cool stuff up to tuners. All I ask is that we get the hatchback and a powertrain that can handle 300 hp and be around 22k.



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