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2013 Honda Crosstour

Published July 13, 2012

In case you haven’t noticed yet the latest buzzword in the auto industry is Cross. Crossover, Crosstour, cross this cross that. And if the word Cross isn’t in the name of the vehicle its implied with an X in some form of numeric or lettered acronym. Who knows, maybe the Catholic Church will get involved and start their own auto line. Then they can produce cars to their billions of members. They can offer cars like the Vatican Crosscarrier. They’re set with a kick ass corporate logo. Hell, every car they do could be a crossover or some sort or another. I mean they’re halfway there. They already have the Popemobile. But anyway, that’s all just silly talk. And the car that got it all started is the 2013 Honda Crosstour. And boy is it ugly.

Not sure what Honda was thinking here. It seems like this is their tepid attempt of offering the North American market a wagon. This is like their compromise. Nobody seems to like this thing ever since concept pictures debuted as far back as 2009. Its like Honda simply failed to do any market testing. Actually it’s more like they completely and utterly decided to defy the popular opinion of the Crosstour’s very target demographic. And automakers wonder why they’re floundering so badly. Driving the 2013 Honda Crossover will be the equivalent of wearing nothing but track pants for the rest of your life. It’s like they’ve just given up. It’s as if Honda has somehow lost all imagination along the way. Or perhaps forsaken it.

It could be arguably said that the one good feature for the Crossover will be the available 18-inch wheels, but the five spoke 19-inch wheels displayed on the concept version should have remained. You can get them if you’re willing to shell out even more money for this ugly eyesore. Other trim available will be keyless ignition, an 8-inch screen housing an infotainment system and apparently the V-6 models will have steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters.


Honda has went on record claiming that there will be a choice of either a 3.5-liter V-6, or a 192hp, 2.4 liter four cylinder engine. The V-6 models will come equipped with a six-speed automatic with the additional option of Honda’s Real Time 4WD system. If a buyer options for the base four cylinder models they will have to be satisfied with the -speed automatic and front-wheel drive.


Also coming with this unimaginably homely vehicle will be a plethora of Nanny technology for those who should otherwise give up driving if they require all these assists. There will be warning systems for both lane departure and forward collision. The Honda-exclusive technology coined LaneWatch offers view of the passenger-side roadway by means of a camera mounted in the passenger’s side mirror. The headrests have been pared down and the driver’s mirror is expanded. While the back-up camera is admittedly handy, the Crosstour seems designed for people incapable of turning their heads.


The Crosstour will likely fail. They may sell a few, because there’s always somebody out there with a lack of style bone to know a good looking car from a bad one. But they certainly won’t sell enough to keep it around. This one has me totally confused. It’s the car that doesn’t know what it is. Most crossovers are decidedly hybrid of to distinct concept blending the best of both worlds. The all new Crossover looks like a confused wagon on growth hormone pills. Honda is clearly not paying attention to their competitor’s trend in car designs. With the 2013 Honda Crossover they’re saying, ‘Here’s our latest car. I sure hope you like crap!’



Calvin Escobar
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