2013 Honda Insight Hybrid

2013 Honda Insight Hybrid Review

Published April 3, 2013

Some lead, others follow – is the motto that applies to many industries, including the automobile one. Honda is a Japanese company which has been making safe, reliable and affordable automobiles ever since founding six decades ago. Throughout the decades, this company has been producing motorcycles and automobiles that attract the eyes of the potential car buyers and car reviewers. The cars are affordable and dependable; and with regular maintenance, they will last for many decades without major issues. This company is the first one that brought a hybrid to the U.S. market. The Insight Hybrid is a well-equipped, clean-living, practical and efficient car that can easily cope with your everyday life. When it comes to the newest 2013 model, you will find that knowledge is the main key, simply because this automobile offers plenty of benefits in terms of overall economy and performance, but the car’s complexity can make the problems more costly and difficult.

2013 Honda Insight Hybrid

Basic Features

The 2013 Honda Insight Hybrid receives a wonderful refresh. Starting with the exterior changes, this model includes all-new design, restyled rear and front bumpers, brake lights and redesigned headlights, as well as wider tires for confident handling. The LX and EX models get upgraded upholstery, as well as supportive front armrest. The Insight Hybrid provides a versatile design, low cost of ownership, fun-to-drive nature and roomy interior, remaining as the most affordable hybrid in the U.S. The standard equipment includes keyless entry, 15” steel wheels, automatic climate control, full power accessories, trip computer, two-speaker sound system, driver-seat height adjustment and so on. The LX model adds floor mats, cruise control, steering wheel audio controls, heated mirrors along with integrated turn signals, automatic headlights and four speakers with the sound system.


Performance and Powertrains

The 2013 Honda Insight Hybrid is propelled by a system that comprises 1.3 liter 4-cylinder gasoline power engine which is combined with a hydride battery pack and an electric motor. The gasoline power engine is great for 88hp and 88lb-ft of torque, and the electric engine is great for 13hp and 58lb-ft. The combined electric and gasoline power generates 98hp at 5,800rpm and 123lb-ft of torque, meaning the powertrain utilizes a variable transmission in order to optimize the efficiency and torque. The EX model is also equipped with an amazing touch screen navigation system that comes with rearview camera, voice controls and a digital audio-card reader.


Other Features

The inside of the 2013 Honda Insight Hybrid has more significant updates compared with the previous model, including an amazing grille design and a blue accent bar which represents the high-tech and world-class hybrid identity. In order to improve the aerodynamic performance, the front wheel’s strakes were extended by 0.4”. The engine bay cover’s shape was fine-tuned as well, and moreover, air diffusers are added under the rear bumper so that the airflow behind the 2013 Insight Hybrid would be smooth. This model is equipped with antilock brakes (rear drum, front disc), traction control and stability, side curtain and front-seat side airbags, as well as active front-head restraints. The 2013 Honda Insight Hybrid model provides both good highway and city mpg, while some other hybrid models do not deliver good city mpg.




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