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2013 Honda Odyssey

Published July 26, 2012

Minivans a so last decade for most of us but there are definitely still those with a use for them. And if you’re brave enough, or perhaps its crazy enough, to have enough children to require a minivan, you may want to consider a vasectomy, I mean the 2013 Honda Odyssey.

Its 3.5-liter V-6 provides its 248-hp and runs at a fuel efficiency rating of 19/28 mpg. The steering is reportedly a weakness as it feels a little sloppy and imprecise. This makes it a bit of a slug to drive. Which is a shame because the Odyssey was once known for its superior steering over all its competitors. But hey, if you’re looking for performance in a minivan you’re sadly uneducated about vehicles.

Its interior is built for sustainability. Honda obviously assumed that children were going to be abusing the interior of this van. Throwing food and toys about, kicking the seats, dropping drinks on the floor and whatever else your little hellions can think of. So it’s not the most attractive of interiors. It doesn’t exactly create the illusion of luxury. The dash is enormous and for the less bright it may take a while to get accustomed too. Leather seats are standard though, which is a nice throw in by Honda. There’s tons of room as with most minivans. The Odyssey seats eight. So basically it’s a small bus.

But your kids are going to absolutely love riding in the back of the Odyssey. The fully optioned version comes with a 16inch flip down flat screen monitor capable of split screen. That way the kids can drive you nuts watching not one but two movies at the same time and argue with each other about which is louder.

There are loads of companies that hand out minivans as company vehicles as well. Which makes sense for a lot of reasons. Sometimes its salesmen who need that extra no fuss cargo room. Other times it may be required to help transport company colleagues to a business meeting or retreat. Minivans seem to be on the way however. Especially with the trend of crossover vehicles. They provide size without excess, or the immediate uncool factor. Minivans only seem vary in optional utilitarian suburban appearances. No one eyes a minivan with envy, no matter what the make is. And they seem to be all but done as a trend. But just as their full size predecessors from long ago had their day in the sun and still manage to hang around and stay useful in some capacity so will minvans.



Calvin Escobar
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